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Victorian Scouts Jamboree A Hit

Posted on January 6, 2022


More than 7,000 children and adults converged on Bendigo, regional Victoria for an 11-day Scouts Jamboree. 

Jon McGregor, Executive Manager for event organiser Scouts Victoria, told the ABC “we're essentially building a town the size of Kyneton in the Macedon Ranges. 

"It's the equivalent of 200 school camps all happening on the same site at the same time, so we've had to build infrastructure, including recycling, a medical centre, a radio station, nightly concerts and lots of activities." 

The site for the 11-day Jamboree, which runs until 8th January, is set up like a small town and includes its own supermarket, daily newspaper and radio station for the scouts, volunteers and leaders. 

For many of the school-aged participants, the event is a welcome relief after almost two years of online learning and lockdowns due to the pandemic.

OUTDOOR laser tag at Jamboree


Outdoor Laser Tag A Highlight  

The Scouts rented a set of 90 laser taggers including:

They also rented some game props to enable them to run some fun outdoor games like "Team Elimination" and "Capture & Hold".  

This is actually not the first time Laser Tag in a Box has rented their laser tag equipment to Scouts for a Jamboree. The Scouts also hired a few years back for a Jamboree held in Queensland. 

The Kids Are Excited 

Scouts Victoria Deputy Chief Commissioner, Daniella Taglieri commented “the vibe is amazingly positive and a little bit chaotic, but that's the fun part. 

"So many kids are excited to be somewhere that's not their house." Organisers spent three years planning for the event which was meant to be a national Jamboree for 10,000 people. 

However, it was not until late November that Scouts Victorian finally decided to push ahead as a Victorian event. The site was visited by the state's Deputy Chief Health Officer last week who reviewed the COVID safety plan. 

 McGregor went on to say that without the help of more than 1,000 volunteers, the event would cost somewhere around $30 million.



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Images: The Jamboree included a range of physical and fun events. Images credit: Scouts Victoria/Facebook.

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