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When you go down to the Woods

Posted on January 30, 2018

BROOKFIELD, QLD., March 20th: Owners of the local outfit threw themselves behind this year's Teddy Bears' Picnic to help raise funds for Camp Quality, the ACT for Kids, and CareFlight last weekend.

Owners, Peter and Nicole Lander, together with their children Zabrynn and Benjamin, worked as a team issuing game briefings, running laser games, and raising money.

This year was the first time was one of the featured attractions of the picnic. is just like a video game; it is the red team versus the green team.

"It's all about the kids," said Marketing C.O, Nicole Lander.

"We are glad we could contribute to Camp Quality, the Abused Child Trust and RACQ Careflight," said Nicole. "And what better way to raise funds than to have fun?" she said.

"We ran lots and lots of fast and fun games," she said.

The equipment uses a harmless infrared beam, like your TV remote, that tags sensors worn by players. This new style of ride is exciting for both the participant and the spectator.

"It was a really successful event, with more than 2,000 people enjoying the day and raising more than $10,000 for the charities," she said.

The Bear Necessities
"It is important to us to give back to the community, running fundraising events for worthy causes, like these kids' charities," said Nicole.

"My favourite game was the Mega Battle where all participants play the entire 5 minutes, no matter how many times they get shot!" she said.

Games are usually $5 for 5 minutes, but Nicole and her family volunteered their time and equipment and offered games for a simple gold coin donation.

"We were glad to participate in Brookfield Show Grounds' Teddy Bears' Picnic, Sharon and Franzwa from Brisbane West Real Estate did a great job organising the day, and we hope that next year is even bigger," she said.

About Laser Tag in a Box is the leader for sci-fi parties in your backyard and fun and games for fetes, and vacation care programs. The fun consists of fun battle games and harmless phasers is fun for the whole family. Headquartered in Shailer Park, Laser Tag in a Box actually brings the fun to you, all over Australia.

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