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Wizarding Party Ideas

Posted on June 14, 2021

Discover #6 New Ways to Make Your Harry Potter Themed Party Magical

Does your child LOVE Harry Potter? Throw a Wizarding Party!

In this blog we're going to tell you all about throwing a Wizarding Party.

Let's get the party started!

Like with all parties, you'll need to invite some guests. 

So we've made it easy for you with a free party invite printable.


Three ways to get into theme!

Easy tips on how to transform your house into a mini Hogwarts. 

#1: Decorate your living room with ‘floating’ candles

Make the candles by painting paper towels and toilet paper rolls white and drippy with “wax.”

Then string them from the ceiling with LED lights.

This really impressive decor option will get even more magical as it gets darker outside.

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#2: Dress Up in Wizarding Robes

You can get some Harry Potter clothing, or create your own robes.

Even a dark coloured single bedsheet + a wizard's hat is a terrific start. 

Get even more ideas on how to create wizard robes.

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#3: Flying Keys

I love this idea! 

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Three Wizarding Activities to Make The Party Magical

#4: Practice Spells

Start off the party with a fantastic activity to get the kids running around and having a blast. 

Magic Tag is an interactive game that can be played either indoors or outdoors.

Think hide-and-seek with high-tech wands. 

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#5: Brew some Potions!

Get ready for food and cake by Brewing some Potions! 

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#6: Call Hogwarts

Round up the party with a Call to Hogwarts – the Hogwarts Hotline (605) 475-6961. You will need the international dial code (to phone outside Australia) which is 0011

Harry Potter Party At Home

Transform your backyard or garage into a wonderful world of wizarding with these three new ways to get into the theme and three new activities to make the party magical.

I’d love to see your photos of your magic parties, share them  to our Facebook page or email them to us!!

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Planning a party? Get this Party Cheat Sheet & they'll be talking about you & your event for weeks! 

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