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How to Set up your own Backyard Battlefield

Get your battlefield ready.laser tag fun

Kids will play our high tech "hide and seek" around just about anything you can hide behind.

Other Mums and Dads have transformed their backyards from mild-mannered suburbs to the deep jungles of the Amazon or the deserts of the French Foreign Legion. Kids, after all, have a fantastic imagination.

Even a few cardboard boxes leftovers from the last time you moved can be transformed with a bit of paint. This keeps in with the army theme.

Basically our game is high tech hide and seek. So if your kids create your own battlefield can find something. ANYTHING! Let your imagination run wild. Pretty much anything can bee used to hide behind.

Create the Playing Field - Let your Imagination run wild.

Ideas to Create your own "Maze"

Hire some camo nets to drape over the playground equipment. Or hire some fun inflatables to hide behind.

Run a lead-up activity creating props which link in with your theme. The options are endless! All events require bookings, call us today to see what we can do for you, PH 1800 Book Us.

Our Products

Hire Inflatables

At Laser Tag in a Box, we have loads of inflatables that can be used to build a field. Book a set with your hire. 

Buy Inflatables

Looking to purchase instead? We have inflatables to purchase as well. 

Rent Camo Nets

Drape camo nets over playsets, cardboard boxes or anything else you can think of - creating an awesome camo fort. 


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