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Awesome Game - Capture & Hold

Are you looking for a simple but fun game for your players? Capture & Hold is perfect because the technology is super smart. This game is engaging and great for all fitness levels. 

The goal of the game is to hold the central position for the longest time. The box announces the winning team at the end of the game!

What do I need?

First, decide which size pack you want. You can hire a small 4 pack, or something larger. Next, add the game box to your order. The game box is a key addition - you can't play this game without it!

Inside a standard pack, you'll have two medic boxes, these go one either on or wherever you're playing. Then the game box goes in the middle, between the two. It can be further to the left or right, as long as its equal distance from the medic boxes. 

Check out the Game Box

How you win? How do I score it?

This one is easy! The game box scores the game for you. 

The goal of the game is to "capture" then "hold" the box (it's in the name!). Here's how that works:

  • the players must get to the box
  • tag the box (aim at the sensor at the top!)
When they do this the box flashes their teams colour (red or blue), every second its flashing their colour, their team wins one point, so the longer the kids have it the more points they have. 

At the end of the game, the box works out which team had it for the longest and announces either "Blue Team is Victorious" or "Red Team is Victorious". 


[HOW TO] Here's How To Run the "Capture & Hold" Laser Tag Game

Easy to run. Apart from your standard laser tag rental pack, you just need to order a "Game Box".



Tips & Tricks

This game should be timed. Use your controller to set the game to a 10 or 15 minute games. If you're running a fete, we recommend making it 5 minutes. 

Be sure to let the players know they shouldn't move the box. This isn't capture the flag!


"Alright everyone, we are playing capture and hold. 

There is a box in the middle of the field. You want to capture it by tagging the top. When the Red Team tags the box, it will flash RED. When the Blue Team tags the box, it will flash BLUE. 

You want it to be flashing your colour at all times. The team that has it for the longest wins!" 


Capture & Hold Mission Briefing  

Here is the video briefing for your mission, if you chose to accept it. 


Pestering me to do it again!

"All the children... from Prep to High School ages had a ball and have been pestering me ever since to do it again... so ware are!!!"
Alison, Ferny Hills OSCH (Brisbane QLD)

My Ears Become Red Raw

The boys are completely satisfied and overjoyed each and every time. I know this because my ears become red-raw from the illustrious comments that the boys bellow at me - for hours - about their complete enjoyment. Therefore, on behalf of the Boarders at Marist Brothers, I would like to say thank you for creating a fantastic, pleasurable and friendly environment, which has been an essential ingredient as to why the boarders at Ashgrove call Marist... home.
Dean B, Marist Bros



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