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Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is a fun game played with two teams. Our third-generation software (called "SATR3") enables you to play an awesome version of electronic capture the flag. If you want to play this new game, please make sure you quote "CTF" when booking.

What do you need?

Traditional Capture the Flag uses physical flags which are carried by the players. Because the phasers are carried with two hands this doesn't work for laser tag. So we have created an electronic version - no flags needed. 

We are currently transitioning our software over to the newest version - the version with Capture the Flag - so not all our packs have this game supported. 

When you book in, be sure to let us know you want to play Capture the Flag. 

How you win? How do I score it?

To score a flag point a player must tag the other team's flag box and then without being deactivated tag their own team's flag box. 

The team with the most flags points wins.

Both teams try to capture each other's virtual flag and then take it back to their own base.       

Tips & Tricks

It's important to time this game. You can set this up with the controller provided (10 packs or larger). 10 or 15 minute is a good length. If you're running a fete, we recommend making it 5 minutes. 

Be sure to let the players know they shouldn't move the boxes. The flags are virtual!


Mission Briefing Script

"Okay, we're going to be playing Capture the Flag. The aim of this game is to capture as many flags as possible in the time limit.

The flags are virtual - tag the top of the box to pick up a flag. Then run back to your base and tag your box to return the flag. That's one point for your team. Good luck!"

Game Briefing: "Capture The Flag"

Watch this mission briefing which describes how to play electronic capture the flag at your place.


Fun for All

I thought it was great. This is good fun for all, including girls. I'll be coming to future events!
Darryl White, Ikea Logan QLD

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