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Capture the Flag

capture the flag gameCapture the Flag is a fun game played with two teams.  

Our third-generation software (called "SATR3") enables you to play an awesome version of electronic capture the flag. 

If you want to play "Capture the Flag" please ask for SATR3 when placing your rental booking.


To score a flag point a player must tag the other team's flag box and then without being deactivated tag their own team's flag box. 

The team with the most flags points wins.

Both teams try to capture each other's virtual flag and then take it back to their own base.       


The electronics Capture the Flag rental packages includes two flag boxes (as well as the laser tag phasers!)

The flag boxes provide reactivations to the home team, so, for example, the red flag box provides reactivations to the red team phasers.

 Players just need to start each game within a few metres of their flag box.

Had an Absolute Ball

Hi, Just a quick thank you note to say how great the weekend was. The boys had an absolute ball, very tired and a couple of minor scapes (boys will be boys and men will be boys too!) but altogether they thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Once again thank you, I'm sure it wont be the last time we hire Laser tag !



Renting a "Capture the Flag" laser tag game rental package offers hours of fun. It is a modern take on the traditional game of Capture the Flag. This game is far safer, workable and runs for a fixed time period.

Which Pack to Rent?

Please note this game will work if you hire a mini-pack (6 phasers) and the 10+ pack too. But you will need to ask to add in the rental of two flag boxes. 

Capture the Flag is a perennial favourite. So when you book ask us to include an optional extra of a couple of flag boxes in your hire. You will need to ask for: 

  • SATR3 software
  • Add in 2 x Flag Boxes to your hire. 

Fun for All

I thought it was great. This is good fun for all, including girls. I'll be coming to future events!

Darryl White, Ikea

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