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Need Work Christmas Party Ideas?

Electrify Your Office Christmas Party (Outdoors!) 

Let's face it, 2020 has been a bumpy ride for most of us, so celebrating the end of the year with an office Christmas Party cannot come soon enough! 

The work Christmas Party needs to be a bit different this year. 

For many teams, outdoors is better than indoors when it comes to COVID-safe social distancing. 

So why not consider renting a set of laser taggers and throw a fun corporate picnic in a local park?  

Family Fun at Christmas - Christmas Parties for Businesses of All Sizes

Looking for a fun, easy Christmas Party idea this holiday season?

This is a great idea to keep the young and the young-at-heart entertained. Whether you are planning a family holiday or a camping trip.

Or simply organising a clan gathering!

Lasertag in a Box delivers you army theme or a sci-fi themed rentals all across Australia.

A sausage sizzle or Aussie BBQ with some fun games of laser tag is somethign that can entertain the entire corporate family! For many work teams the traditional end-of-year office party will look very different this year.

Many larger workforces may consider opting for smaller, departmental gatherings rather than company-wide parties.

A Terrific Gift Idea

Gift Certificates!

 Click here for hints & tips, and game ideas.

You can rent a set of 12 or 16 or more laser taggers! (Rentals of more phasers for large staff Christmas groups are available, please call for a quote or book your rental online.)

This year, perhaps more than ever, it is important to celebrate overcoming personal and professional challenges that came with 2020.  It is an opportunity to take stock of and unwind a bit with colleagues, friends and family.


Christmas Holiday Activity Sheet

Christmas Activity Sheet

Here is a fun Christmas activity sheet and printable for busy parents and carers.
Not only will your laser tag rental keep the kids entertained for hours, when they a tuckered out you can bring them inside and extend the merriment with these festive and fun activities.

This Christmas we have a variety of activities:

  • Colour By Numbers - colouring-in actiivty
  • Navigate your way through a maze
  • Find the words - puzzle

Download, the Christmas Holiday Activity Sheet, click here. 


Office Christmas Parties

Nowadays it is more important than ever to maintain good staff morale and create camaraderie (without blowing the budget). We make it simple to include a fun staff Christmas Party into your calendar. We can deliver the fun to right to you.

If you don't want to play in your local park then you can hire our "fun in a box" and set up around your office or campus.

This year go for fun - hire Laser Tag for your staff Christmas Party. This Christmas party hire suits the budget conscious!
Including Laser Tag in your staff Christmas party makes great business sense. Challenging, yet safe and inclusive, these events can be delivered for your entire company, specific business units or any project team or group within your company. Include all your staff and their family without breaking the budget! There is no age limit. All fitness levels.

Laser tag in a box delivers a fun, outdoor experience for your team.

Savvy employers are considering new Christmas Party ideas outside the box. Call us PH: 1800 266 587 to see what we can do for your work Chirstmas party.


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