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GAME: Team Elimination 

A simply and easy game to get you started. The goal? Tag the other team more than they tag you.  This is a great first game.  Elimination is a fun, energetic, ice breaker to get the party started! This is where you get to blast away to your heart's content. 

How it Works

All players get 5 Health Points (5HP). Which means they can be tagged 5 times because they are "deactivated". 

All they need to do is run back to their "base camp" to get a reactivation. Their phaser will say "Reactivate" when this happens. 

The game is best if you time it. Taggers are usually come pre-set un-timed but you can easily, using your Master Controller, to set the game to run 5 or 10-minute rounds. 

Set Up

Each team has a "medic box" which should be placed at one end of the field. This is their base camp. If they are deactivated their team's box will reactivate them once they get within about a metre of the box. This can take a couple seconds. 

If a player isn't sure if they have reactivated, just pull the trigger. If it shoots (pew-pew) then their are good to go and can keep playing. No need to shoot the box or press any buttons. 

How to Score the game

Check the screen on the medic. This will list "reactivates" and a number. That number is the team score. The winning team is the one with least number of reactivations. 

The medic boxes know which team they are on (red or blue) and will only reactivate players on that team. 

This game is a great warm-up/ice-breaker because every gamer plays the whole game.

Pro Tip! Change ends after the first game. To do this, swap the medic boxes around. Have everyone start at their new base camp. 

I love the thrill

Laser Tag is a great game. The Tuesday and the U/16 tournaments were great. The equipment is great. And the battlefield is excellent. I really liked putting my team in some rough positions and I love the thrill when the enemy is firing at you and you are surrounded by them
Yoyo, Under 16s player

How To Run The "Team Elimination" Laser Tag Game

Here's a quick video of how to run the "Team Elimination" laser tag game. This game is a great choice to get your event started.

Scroll down for another video which shows you what to say to the players (gamer briefing).


Recruits we have received orders to secure an important objective. Our spies have reported that there is another team attempting the same thing. When the Red Team tags the Objective (the Game Box) the box will flash RED. When the Blue Tag tags the box it will flahs BLUE. The box times how long each team is in control.

Elimination Game Briefing

Here's a video briefing to show your gamers when they are ready to play the Elimination Game.

Missiong Briefing Script

"Okay everyone! We are going to be playing Team Elimination. This game is really easy to understand. Tag the other team more than they tag you! Make sure you are hiding so you aren't spotted.Alright, let's go!"


The Team Elimination Game Explained

It's time to test your mettle in this classic mission. Team up with your squad to get as many deactivations as possible in the time limit. But remember every time you are deactivated it's a point to the other team. Are you ready?

Utility Box Settings

Two Utility Boxes should be set as Medic Boxes

  • 1 Red Team
  • 1 Blue Team

Getting Ready

Place the utility boxes on either end of the field. Use the controller's "End" option to pause the players. Move them out to their medic boxes. Once everyone is near their boxes, "Start" the game!

How to Play

Team Elimination is fun and simple. The goal? Don't get deactivated!


The scoring for Team Elimination is done using the Medic Boxes. At the end of the game, look at the screen on each utility box. It will say Reactivated and a number. The team with the lowest score is victorious.

Sound like fun?

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