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Choose the Pack that's Right for You   

Jump into a fun day of Laser Tag. Hire Laser Tag from us and have the gear all day (or all weekend!).        

You'll have hours worth of fun!

Four Awesome Games to Play!       

This isn't "Capture the Flag" as you know it. 

The classic game has been updated for the 21st century! With light & sound effects like "Flag captured" this is our most requested game.  

 * Not available with all packs *


This is a fantastic game for all ages. 

It's simple to understand and a lot of fun. The goal is to tag the other team as much as possible, without getting tagged yourself. 


Inspired by Fortnite & Others

Last person standing wins. This is a great way to wind down the party.

Be warned, every minute the field shrinks. If you're outside the safe zone, you'll start taking damage!

* Only available with Royale Taggers *


This is the easiest game to monitor and score.  

 Place a Game Box in the centre of the field. Players need to tag the box to capture it.


Different Taggers for Different Players

We have taggers for all ages. Select the best for you.

Awesome Taggers - Perfect for Kids 8+

This tagger is great for players of kids aged 8+.   

Games with this model: 





Party Taggers - Perfect for Kids 5 - 7 Years

This tagger is great for kids. Ages between 5 and 87 will love this tagger.  

 Games with this model:




Got Teens? Check out Battlefield LIVE

Just like a live video game. Play games inspired by Fortnite and PUBG in your own backyard.  With more "realistic" sound effects, different games, and exclusive supply crates. 


Father & Son Day

Thanks again Nicole

The boys had a fabulous time and everyone commented how fun (and tiring) it was!! Appreciate it.

Mel, Brisbane, Villanova Boys College




Laser tag birthday parties are a really fun choice for kids (and adults) and a new take on this old favourite might just take the headache out of organising your next party. 

Hiring Laser Tag kit for fun in the backyard is a way to turn up the enjoyment and turn down the hassle.

Laser tag is a game where players are each given a phaser with integrated sensors. Gamers then try to tag each other's sensors. 

The laser taggers are safe. Because there are no projectiles (the units just use infrared like a TV remote) this means it doesn't hurt if you are hit. Unlike paintball, which can cause bruises!

The Laser Taggers just emit infrared, similar to a TV remote control. The beam is harmless. And there are cool sound and light effects.  

Plus you can play either inside and outside, day or night.

TAGGERS for retn

Taggers for Rent

We have several types of tagger for rent.

We have:

  • Black Cobras with red dot Scopes (with the older software)
  • * NEW * Cobra LITE (with the new software)

  • Grey Cobra with Peep sight (with the older software)

  • Scorpions with red dot Scopes (with the new software)

  • Black Cobras with red dot Scopes (with the new software).  

In total we have more than 900 taggers ready for rent.

So give us a call to see what we can do for you.


The Tagger keeps track of the game stats in real-time, so players know how many tags they made and how many times they have been tagged. 

"Laser-Tag-in-a-Box" will rent you all of the equipment you need to play laser tag at your house or backyard all weekend. Laser Tag rental means you can play as many games as you want. The batteries are long lasting so there can be hours of fun. 

This could be more fun and less expensive than taking everyone to a laser tag arena. 

The rental option works out particularly well if there are two kids. For example one can have their party on the Saturday and the other on the Sunday but you've only forked-out for the one hire period. Unlike having to commute to a laser tag arena, all the fun is delivered right to your door. 

Better still, you only play with the friends and family you know. You don't have to play with strangers as sometimes can be the case at a traditional laser tag arena. 

Games are easy to organise. Most kids now-a-days are familiar with computer games so they can invent their own scenarios. 

You will probably want to confine the games to your yard, though, as gamers can get pretty boisterous.

If you are booking for a Birthday Party, our Laser Tag rental company will also include a "party in progress" banner for your front fence!  


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