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Choose the Pack that's Right for You   

Jump into a fun day of Laser Tag. Hire Laser Tag from us and have the gear all day (or all weekend!).

You'll have hours worth of fun!

Four Awesome Games to Play!

Capture the Flag!

This isn't capture the flag as you know it.

Done all electronically the classic game has been updated for the 21st century! With light and sound effects like "Flag captured" this is our most requested game. 

*Not available with all packs*

Team Elimination

This is a fantastic game for all ages. It's simple to understand and a lot of fun.

The goal is to tag the other team as much as possible, without getting tagged yourself. 

Free For All

Last person standing wins. This is a great way to wind down the party.

Capture & Hold

This is the easiest game to monitor and score. 

Place a Game Box in the centre of the field. Players need to tag the box to capture it. Then they need to hold it!

Different Taggers for Different Players

We have taggers for all ages. Select the best for you.

Awesome Taggers - Perfect for All Ages

This tagger is great for players of all ages, kids & adults! 

Games with this model:

- Team Elimination

- Free for All  

- Capture the Flag (on request)

Party Taggers - Perfect for Kids

This tagger is great for kids. Ages between 6 and 8 will love this tagger. 

Games with this model:

- Team Elimination

- Free for All  

Fun Taggers - Perfect for Young Kids

This tagger is great for young kids, 5 to 7 year olds love this model!

Games with this model:

- Team Elimination

- Free for All  

- Capture the Flag

Got Teens? Check out Battlefield LIVE

With more hardcore sound effects, different games, but just as much fun!

Father & Son Day

Thanks again Nicole

The boys had a fabulous time and everyone commented how fun (and tiring) it was!! Appreciate it.

Mel, Brisbane, Villanova Boys College




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