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laser tag FAQFrequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Laser Tag? 

Laser Tag is high-tech hide and seek. And with Laser Tag-in-a-Box you can now hold your very own Laser Skirmish / Laser Tag games in your backyard. Read more, click here

Does it need to be dark for the gear to work? 
No way! Our laser tag equipment can be used in daylight. Basically, night or day, rain or shine, indoors or outdoors.

Age Suitability? 
Our equipment is suitable for school age kids and up. In other words, from prep (5 years old) to adults.

Can we play in the rain?

Sure. The phasers are weather resistant. Our laser tag gear is built tougth. They are "weather-resistant". So you can play in the rain. Whey they are not being used we recommend keeping out of the rain & switching them off to save the battery. We have developed our systems so they are weather resistant however they are not waterproof. This means that while you can play in the rain, they cannot be submerged in water.

Do You Get Hurt Playing Laser Tag?
Nope. Because the laser tag gear uses infrared and digital radio signals there are no projectiles. So unlike paintball players do not get bruises if they are hit. More, even thought the game is called "laser" tag there are actually no lasers. We only use infrared, this is the same type of light you use in your TV remote. Our gear is completely eye safe. For more info about safety, click here.

Do I have to wear a Laser Tag Vest?

Nope. There are no vests. Because people are all different shapes and sizes the sensors are on the barrel and placed on the head.

Do you include staff to run the party?
No. Laser Tag offers you the equipment to rent so you can run the party in your own location. If you wish to get a quote to have one of our staff to come and run the event for you please contact us on 1800 266 587.

After hours help?
We are here to help you have a wonderful party. Our office is open Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm and on weekends 8.30am to 3pm QLD TIME. We also have an after hours emergency phone number.

Can I play in a public park?

Some of our clients have played in public parks after receiving permission from their local Council. However, we believe if you want a private party then the most fun can be had in your own backyard.

Booking Questions

How long before my event do I need to book?
It varies on your location. However, we'd recommend a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your event.

How long is the Rental for? 

Hires are for one full day. But if you hire on a Saturday, you get Sunday for free! 

Can I extend a hire?
Yes. You are more than welcome to hire for an extended period. We have weekly and monthly rates. Give us a call and we can advise you on what's best to suit your needs.

What's the cancellation policy?
For the policy please refer to our Terms and Conditions, click here

Are their Discounts for Large Bookings?
Yes. We do have discounts for large bookings. We love big gigs! In fact our biggest hire to date is for 550 phasers! For info please contact us.

When do I need to pay?
Payment is due 10 days prior to your event. This may very depending on your shipping date (payment is required prior to shipping).

Are there any Extras for Birthday Parties? 

In our birthday party packs we send you a Birthday Certificate from us, so please remember to let us know if your booking is for a birthday so you don't miss out. Also we have lots of other goodies available for purchase, to make your party just a extra bit special. We have camo packs, hats, loot bags (yum!), face paint, camo nets and much more.  And see our brand new online shop, click here

Equipment Questions

What is a Phaser?
A "Phaser" is a laser tag toy. Our phasers have voice/sound effects and SFX feedback and cool a muzzle flash. This equipment is used to play out fun games.

How do the Phasers work? 

The phasers have 3 sensors - 2 on the headband (front & back) and 1 on the toy's barrel. The phasers work using infra-red (like your TV remote) and emit a signal to the other player's equipment. When a gamer is tagged the phaser makes a sound to let you know that you've got the other guy, and when you've been tagged.

How long do the batteries last?
The batteries last and last, we estimate 16 hours of game time. But we also include a battery charger.

Damages/Costs of Replacements? 

The good news is that this gear is pretty robust. But if something is broken, as per your terms and conditions you will be charged for what was damaged or lost. You can find a summary of these prices, click here.

Do the Toys shoot Lasers?

No. Our equipment does not shoot lasers, rather they work using infrared (just like a TV remote). The beam itself is invisible and harmless. For more info on safety, click here.

How do I know when I've been tagged?

When you are tagged your phaser will make a sound effect - either a near-miss, an "ough!" or an "aaaaaaargh!"

How to I know when I've tagged someone?

When you tag someone on the opposition's team your phaser will say "tagged" or "de-activated".

How Heavy is the Equipment? 
The weight varies depending on which type of phaser you hire. Our lightest phaser is the grey Cobra. It is made from polycarbonate and weighs 1.8kg (4lbs). This model is perfect for youngsters. The next one is the Black Cobra which comes with a red dot scope. This weighs 2kg (4˝lbs). The Scorpion is made from metal and weights 2.2kg (5lbs).

How to I inflate the Inflatable Barricades?

Included in your inflatable hire pack is an electric air blower. Each inflatable only takes a few minutes to inflate.

Shipping Questions

Can I pick-up/drop-off the boxes?

Yes. You can pick-up / drop-off the boxes so you can save yourself the courier fee. Our office is open between 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday 9.30am - 2pm. Please book in a collection time so we can give you a quick demo on how to use the gear.

If you’ve arranged to collect the boxes from our Underwood (QLD) depot our collection times are (please book a time that suits you).

If you would like a hands-on demo when you collect the appointment times for a 10 pack (or more) are: 

  • Monday - Friday 10am, 12noon, 2pm or 4pm


If you would like a handss-on demo when you collect appointment times for a 6 pack are: 

  • Monday - Friday 9.30am, 11.30am, 1.30pm, or 3.30pm

Please show photo ID, such as a current Driver's License, on collection.

If you don't need a demo then you can collect your gear anytime Monday - Friday between 7.30am-5pm (if you need a collection before 9am then please just let us know you are coming!). 

You can return your gear anytime Monday - Friday between 7.30am - 5pm. 

Do prices include freight? 
Yes. Our prices list both the price for pick up and an amount which includes freight, depending on your location. You can save on the courier costs if you collect and return the gear to our Depot in Underwood Qld.

Do I need to do the paperwork for the courier return?

All the paperwork you need for your return shipment is included in your box. Customers who are using a courier to return the boxes to us do not need to organise the booking in with the courier, we will handle this for you. This service is included in the price. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

When can we expect our delivery?
Deliveries usually occur between 10am and 4pm two days prior to your event date. We use Star Track, we cannot give an exact time. If you’ve arranged for us to courier the boxes to you, we aim to deliver two days prior to your event (with the before your event day as back up delivery day). We have also booked in your boxes to be collected the next working day after your event. Remember, you MUST be there to sign for the delivery or collection, usually between 10am and 4pm. However Star Track officially offer a 9am to 5pm service. 

Do I have to be home for the courier delivery & collection? 

Yes. When delivering and collecting the boxes through a courier, there needs to be someone at home to sign for the goods. We cannot leave them unattended. If you are not going to be home on your delivery/collection dates, please provide us with an alternative address, such as a business premises. If you wish to ship somewhere other than your address, please advise us BEFORE your equipment is dispatched. We cannot change the delivery address after the shipment as left our depot.

Can I fit the Boxes in my car? 

If you are collecting your laser tag hire yourself from our Underwood Depot, please note that a standard set of 10 phasers actually come in two boxes.

Please note each box is 40cm x 45cm x 50m and weighs from around 12kgs each.

The 10 pack can easily fit on the back seat of a small sedan, car like a Tiida.

Techie Questions

What's behind this laser tag equipment?

This brand of laser tag equipment is a fine balance between innovative battle technology and practical gaming experience. We believe we've got the most robust, most widely used commercial outdoor laser tag equipment in the world today. The laser tag equipment is made by Battlefield Sports. The phaser is turned on with a key. After a few seconds the phaser will say “game start”. 

To play put on your bandanna on your head, tying it at the back. We use the colour of the bandanna to tell teams apart. Next put the head band over the bandanna with the twirly sensor cable to the back so it does not go in front of your eyes. The cable goes under your arm so it’s out of the way during play.

The large tube at the front of the phaser is where the infrared light that triggers tags comes from. It is important during game play that this tube is kept clear of cover. You will need to aim. 

It is very important to turn the phasers off with the key whenever they are not in use. This will save a lot of battery power and means more play time for everyone.

The phasers are weather resistant; you can play in showers or light rain. However play should be postponed during very heavy rain or storms with the phasers stored under cover and switched off.

What's on the Display?
Each phaser has a display. The display gives you some useful info during the game.

LINE 1: shows the current hit points, this is the number of times a player can be tagged before they are deactivated. The digits before the slash is your current hit points and the digits after the slash are the maximum hit points. Players are restored to maximum hit points when they receive a reactivation or start a new game. The numbers after the C show about of ammo in your phaser.

LINE 2: shows the number of reloads, i.e.. unlimited. The number after the T is the number of times you've tagged someone, that did not cause deactivation. The number after the D is the number of times you've deactivated someone on the other team.


LINE 3: A for accuracy percentage. S is for number of times this phaser has been reactivated during the current game. Med stands for medium range. 1B stands for the bravo team, A means team A.



LINE 4: This shows current status i.e.. ready.  Next is the mode of operation i.e. FA means rapid fire or full auto. Finally, if it is a timed game, it will should the amount of time left in the game. 


What are the standard Software settings? 

The phasers come pre-set with standard software settings to make your event simple to run. Our standard Laser tag software settings are a set of defaults suitable for laser tag themed games.

Half of your hire phasers will be set to the red team and half will be set to the blue team.

Red team cannot tag other players on the red team. Likewise blue cannot tag blue. Blue can only tag red. And red and only tag blue.

All phasers will be configured to easy mode and medium range.

Phasers also come set into hire mode. In hire mode if the unit is turned on with a key, it boots straight to "ready" state bypassing all the complex menus.

“Advanced Features”

Built within the phasers are many options.  When the phasers are shipped they are locked into hire mode which means none of the option menus can be accessed thereby guaranteeing everything is simple to use right out of the box.   However it is possible with the help of our team to use the advanced features such as:

  • Change the difficulty level to standard which means you can be tagged every second and aiming is harder
  • Change the difficulty to hard, where you can be tagged every ˝ second and only get 3 hit points, this is very hard but does suit some styles of capture the flag games.
  • Change the emulation to something more realistic sounding than the default sci-fi option.  There are 69 nine different emulations that can be selected
  • Change the game setting so that multiple games can happen in the same general vicinity without interfering with each other
  • Enable friendly fire so that players from the same team can tag each other.

Be warned configuring the phasers with this advanced options can cause them not to work properly together. We recommend that advanced options are discussed with our staff at the time of ordering and have our depot staff then preconfigure the right advanced options to suit before the goods are shipped. If you wish to access the advanced options after the goods are delivered please call our office.

V.I.P. Questions

Can I purchase the equipment? 
Yes. Please note that this equipment is commercial-grade and costs a lot more than nerf guns! Give us a call to see what we can do for you.

Are there any Incentives for Repeat Hires?
Yes. There are incentives such as bonuses and specials for repeat hires. If you wish to know whether you are eligible, or to book in multiple dates please ask our friendly staff.

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