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Fun for your Fundraising: Ideas for Fetes & Festivals

Looking for a fun, easy Fete or Festival "Side show alley" idea?

Get them lining up!

Laser Tag is an excellent fundraiser for any group running a busy event. In fact, we are often seen as the coolest ride on the whole site. 

 Laser Tag is VALUE. Because we are new and exciting our attraction will drive new people to your event. We can organize a fixed fee hire, based on the number of phasers and event duration and how far from Brisbane you are. 

Running the Laser Tag Games

Laser Tag is super easy to run. The best option for a fete is to run 5 minute games. During busy periods up to 6 to 8 games per hour can be completed. If you hire a 12 pack, that's 60-80 players in an hour. Hire more and boost even more ticket sales as players want to go again and again. 

While one group is playing, explain to the other group how the game works. You can even play our video briefings. Find out more below. 



Response was Massive

Thank you so much we booked the guns for our school fete (Cathedral Primary School Fete) and the response was massive. We were able to cycle heaps of kids through and it did not take long to turn around each match. Was so easy to book use and return. Great company to deal with thank you. Everything was so easy and great value.

Paul, Bathurst NSW

Choose a pack that works for you

Depending on your school and the size of your fete a 12 pack may work for you. But a lot of festivals find laser tag is one of the most popular activity! If you're expecting lots of people coming to your fundraiser you might find a 16 or 20 pack will work better for you! 


Most fetes are hosted on an oval. This is fantastic for big rides, but Laser Tag is high-tech hide-and-seek.  The minimum size for your area should be 20 metres by 20 metres.  We recommend playing in a treed area, which you can often find at the edge of the showgrounds.

Or book in inflatables.  Laser tag can be played on other surfaces as long as there is no significant tripping hazards. 



The Children had a Great time

Our Carnival has now come and gone, leaving in its wake a large number of very happy young people from around Australia and New Zealand, and a small number of satisfied but tired organisers. Thank you so much for all your assistance. The children who engaged in Laser Tag had a great time. Your arrangements helped ensure that everything went smoothly. Wishing you continuing success. With kind regards
Tony, Co-Director Sports, Maccabi Junior Carnival

Deciding on a Package


Good (12 Pack)

  • 12 Play at Once (6 vs 6) 
  • All Day Hire 
  • A controller device to manage the games 
  • Game Box: "Capture & Hold" Game
  • Approx. 6 to 8 Games an hour




  • 16 Play at Once (8 vs 8) 
  •  All Day Hire 
  • A controller device to manage the games 
  • Game Box: "Capture & Hold" Game
  • Approx. 6 to 8 Games an hour



  • 20 Play at Once (10 vs 10) 
  • All Day Hire A controller device to manage the games  
  • Game Box: "Capture & Hold" Game
  • Approx. 6 to 8 Games an hour 



We rent all over Australia. We courier you the boxes using Star Track. We specialise in laser tag hire around South East Queensland, serving Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed, and Ipswich. If you are located in Brisbane, ask us about our staffed events

We rent nationwide. 

So whether you are in Sydney, Canberra, or Melbourne or somewhere in between we are here to help. Laser Tag at home is particularly good for rural and regional areas, such as mining towns. 

An absolute highlight!!

Hi Team, I just want to thank you all so much for providing such amazing equipment. We are from the University of Adelaide and ran a program over two days for high school students. Let's just say that the laser tag was an absolute highlight!! All students, mentors and staff had a ball!!! We (staff) even played a sneaky game (or two) while the students were attending their lectures! It was so much fun! Thanks again and thank you for the amazing and friendly customer service that you all provided!
Chrystal S, Wirltu Yarlu - Uni of Adelaide

School Fete - Hints & Tips 

Here are some useful hints and tips for running a school fete.

Before the Fete

  • Set up in an area that's right in the middle of "side-show alley". If the laser tag is hidden away from the rest of the attractions then you will get less participation.
  • If you have an area that has some mature trees (such as in the photo) then this can pad out the inflatables and add more things to hide behind in your pop-up maze. You can also use playground equipment, just like we did in this photo. In this example, we placed the Game Box on the landing at the side of the playground slide. That way the kids had to get in close to tag it!

During the Fete

  • Keep the games short e.g. 5 minutes. Set the game timer on your Controller to 5 minutes so the game will automatically end. Lots of fun, quick games means you can cycle through more kids.
  • While one group of students is playing, explain how to use the gear to the next lot of kids in the queue.

  • It's important to manage the queue, make sure the player who have just finished a game run back to the end of the line. No-one likes queue jumpers!!

After the Fete

  • When packing up the taggers, don't wrap the head sensor cable too tightly!
  • Afterwards, unscrew the bungs from the inflatables and let the air out, naturally. After about 15 minutes you can stack the inflatables on top on one-another & the weight will also help them deflate.

  • To get the last little bit of air out of the inflatables, roll it up towards the air valve, kind of like squeezing the last little bit out of the toothpaste. ;-)


school fete




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