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Fortnite Inspired Parties

It's "Fortnite for Real"

Boys and girls of all ages have jumped into the Fornite frenzy. Bring the game to life for their party with a Laser Tag Party your backyard. 

For the full Fortnite experience, we recommend hiring from our sister company "Battlefield LIVE". Here's a sneak peak of the "Battle Royale" mission >>


Step 1: T-minus 4 weeks. Invite Your Friends To Board The Battle Bus
Step 2: T-minus 3 weeks. Watch Out For The Encroaching Storm. Book the entertainment for Fortnite party games for real.
Step 3: T-minus 2 weeks. Get Building! Create Your Own Spawn Island. Decorate your backyard in a Fortnite theme.
Step 4: T-minus 1 week. Get Early Access. Food! Consider what your gamers will want to eat & drink.
Step 5: Party Launch! Emote!



Fortnite Parties for Kids (Ages 5 - 10)

Laser Tag in a Box has loads of games that feel "just like Fortnite" but outside, playing a real live game. This high-tech hide-and-seek. 

Games you can play include Team Elimination & Free for All. 


Plus, we have free party invites for the party! Download them now. 


Get inspired with our blog!



The perfect party favour for a fortnite themed birthday party! These lootbag comes pre-filled with lots of goodies (exact contents vary). 

Add this to your order and we'll ship this to you in the same box!

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Fortnite Parties for Ages 11 & Up

Our Battlefield LIVE packs are inspired by the Fortnite game. 

Play Battle Royale LIVE!

The all new game Battle Royale is available with these packages. In this game move, the utility box in your pack will "shrink" the field. The best part? It's all automatic, the mission runs itself. 


Supply Crates

Introducing...Supply Crates where players can get virtual upgrades!


Father & Son Day

Thanks again Nicole. The boys had a fabulous time and everyone commented how fun (and tiring) it was!! Appreciate it.
Mel, Brisbane, Villanova Boys College


Let's get the party started: Here's a Great Playlist!


Song Title Artist
Party Rock Anthem
Just Dance
Lady Gaga
Wild Ones Flo Rida
Good Feeling Flo Rida
Titanium David Guetta & Sia
Party In the USA Miley Cyrus
Birthday Anne-Marie
the Ninja Kidz the Ninja Kidz
Dynamite BTS
Chug Jug With You LeviathanJPTV
Track Star (Remix 2.0) Mooski, Chris Brown
Run This Town Jay-Z, Rihanna,
Kanye West
All the Way Up Fat Joe, Remy Ma,
French Montana
2002 Anne-Marie
Boy with Luv BTS & Halsey
Don't Call Me a Noob Mr Miln
ME! Taylor Swift, Brendon Urie
Dance Monkey Tones and I
Dance To This Troye Sivan & Ariana Grande
Fortnite's Kinda Dying DJ Corona


Laser tag gets gamers off the couch, off their smartphone screens, and into fresh air.

Players take on missions inspired by video games like Fortnite, Team Fortress, and Call of Duty.

Mums and Dads across Australia have hired the laser taggers and after donning their gear, the kids can play Capture the Flag in backyard.

Gaming is riding a high that accelerated during the pandemic, especially among teens and tweens.

According to according to Statista, a market and consumer data provider, the global gaming market will reach an estimated $268.8 billion annually in 2025, up from $178 billion in 2021.

The click 'n go generation have literally grown up with video games.

So it is natural that they love live-action games. When players' sensors get hit, the tagger makes a sound that determines the type of hit.

For example, the sound effect "tagged" or "deactivated".

If players hear 'deactivated already' means that opponent has already been tagged out.



Top Notch Fun for All

I was dreading the birthday party for our 9 year old. What to do with a group of boys for three hours? Laser Tag in a Box was easy, quick to set up, and top-notch fun for all. The kids dressed up in camo gear and just ran and ran. They all loved it and now our 10 year old can't wait to have a birthday party so that we can do it all again.
Alison, Bourke NSW

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