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Fortnite Inspired Parties

The computer game known as "Fortnite" has taken the world by storm - just like in the game. 

Boys and girls of all ages have jumped into the Fornite frenzy. Bring the game to life for their party with a Laser Tag Party your backyard. 

Parties for Kids

Laser Tag in a Box has loads of games that feel "just like Fornite" but outside, playing a real live game. This high-tech hide-and-seek. 

Games you can play include: Team Elimination & Free for All. 

Parties for Teens & Tweens

Is your kid over 10? 

Book the Llama pack from our sister company "Battlefield LIVE". Every pack comes with the "Battle Royale" game. This is inspired by the Fortnite game - including Supply Crates where players can get virtual upgrades!


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