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Free for All - Laser Tag Game

Free for All is fantastic at the end of a party, when guests are heading home and you don't want to continuously reorganize teams.

What do I need?

Book in any one of our packages. When you receive the kit you can set up the Free for All game with the Master Controller. 

Want to play "Battle Royale" instead? (A game inspired by Fortnite) You'll want to book in a pack from our Battlefield LIVE series. 


How you win? How do I score it?

Working out the winner for this game is easy - it's the last player standing! This game does not use the medic boxes so the players only have 5 health points before they are out.

Set Up

Turn on your controller. Scroll through the options using the small red and black buttons. Eventually you will see "Set Team" choose this by pulling the trigger. 

Select "FF On" (or "X Team" depending on your pack) then tag all the taggers. They will flash with this change. 

Warning! If you want to play any other game after this, it's tricky to set the taggers back to teams. 

Step 1. Red Team - Turn OFF ALL blue team taggers. Select "Set A Team" (Or "Red Team") then tag the red team. 

Step 2. Blue Team - Turn OFF all red team taggers. Select "Set B Team" (Or "Blue Team") then tag the blue team. Then you can turn the red team back on. And you are good to go!



Tips & Tricks

A good tip for Free for All is to set a time limit of 6 minutes. If there is more than one player still activated at the end of the timer, it's a tie. This means that those who are knocked out early aren't waiting too long.


"Okay, we're going to be playing Free for All. The aim of this game is to be the last player standing! When you are deactivated, come to the HQ."


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