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Here are some Fun Laser Tag Game Ideas for your Event

No matter if you are organising a birthday party, a vacation care activity, or even a corporate event, here are some simple game ideas to ensure your event is a success.

What is the best home laser tag game? There are several to choose from:
  • Team Elimination Match (the team that has the least number of re-activations on their team, wins)
  • Capture & Hold (teams battle over a central objective, such as a Game Box. The team that holds the objective the longest, wins);
  • Electronic Capture the Flag (a new take on an old favourite! Players earn a virtual flag by tagging the opposition's flag box, then getting back to their base and tagging their own flag box. The team with the most virtual flags, wins)
  • Battle Royale (a free-for-all with the "map" or playing area automatically shrinks till there is one player standing).
While all these games are fabulous, the best home laser tag games is perhaps the easiest to run. And it is.... the Team Elimination Match! 


Here's how to Laser Tag in your Backyard


Listen up! I'm going to explain how to use the laser tag equipment. First, safety. Laser Tag is a non-contact game.

You should be at least 1.5m away from everyone else at all times, this includes your teammates.

The taggers have excellent range so you don’t need to get too close. Do not grab the other player's taggers. Everyone is to stay on the ground.

No climbing.


The most significant safety hazard is falling over. While you are running around, always watch where you are going.

If you are indoors, there is a no-running rule. When you are turning corners make sure you look where you are going. Next, I am going to explain the taggers. When you start each game, you will have 5 health, this is shown on the top left-hand side of your display. When this reaches 0 you are deactivated. You can be tagged on the head sensors or the sensor on your phaser. When you get tagged, your phaser will let you know.

It will say, "You're Tagged". When you hear that, it's time to hide.

When you hear, "You're Deactivated", you'll can to go back to your team's base. If you are not sure if you are deactivated, pull the trigger, you're phaser will say, "You're Deactivated Return to Base." Stand next to your team's box, at your base, and wait until it says, "Reactivated".

Only the box at your base will reactivate you. If you are playing Free for All or Battle Royale, go to the HQ and wait for the next game. When you tag another player you'll hear one of three sounds.

If you hear "Tagged," that means you have tagged them. This is good. Keep playing!

If you hear "Deactivated", you have just deactivated them. Find another player to tag. Finally, if you hear, "Deactivated Already", that player is already deactivated and you don't need to tag them. I’m now going to cover cheating. The most important thing you need to know is that you don't cheat! There are two cheats in this game. The first is moving any of the boxes. Don't move the boxes. The second cheat is covering your sensors.

Don’t put your hand in front or on any sensors. The head sensors are not to be put in your pocket, sat on, or put under your hat.

Next, watch the individual game briefings.

Laser Tag Games to Play at Home 

We have several ideas for laser tag games that are super easy to run, and awesome to play! Kids love these! 

Team Elimination 

Available with all our packs this is a super fun game that is easy to understand. Each player starts with 5 Health. 

When they are tagged, they lose 1 Health Point. When they hit 0, they are "deactivated". All they need to do is go back to their medic box (there is one for each team!). The medic box counts how many reactivations it makes. 

At the end of the game, the team who got deactivated the least wins!

Free for All

This is a great game when you have a lot of people coming and going. Medic Boxes are turned off, and the players only have 5 Health before they're out!  

If you have older kids, then ask us about the "Battle Royale" version of the free-for-all game. 

Capture & Hold

The goal of the game is to hold the central position for the longest time. The box announces the winning team at the end of the game!

Play this when you ADD a Game Box. 


Capture The Flag

This is a famous laser tag game. Who hasn't heard of "Catpure the Flag?" 

We have given an age-old game an upgrade! Play 21st-century capture the flag in your own backyard. 

capture the flag laser tag game

Create Your Own Laser Tag Games to Play at Home

Let the kids get creative! Part of being a kid of having fun inventing your own games and rules. Yep, "House rules!" 

The batteries last and last so you can pretty much play as long as you like.         

The Most Friendly Staff

The phone service was super friendly, the most friendly staff I have ever dealt with. Prompt, friendly and easy. I have recommended it a lot already and everyone that used the gaming guns wanted to know about the service. Especially where I live as we have to travel to do lazer tag.

Jean, Red Hill South, VIC

An absolute highlight!!

Hi Team, I just want to thank you all so much for providing such amazing equipment. We are from the University of Adelaide and ran a program over two days for highschool students. Let’s just say that the lasertag was an absolute highlight!! All students, mentors and staff had a ball!!! We (staff) even played a sneaky game (or two) while the students were attending their lectures! It was so much fun! Thanks again and thank you for your amazing and friendly customer service that you all provided!

Chrystal S, Wirltu Yarlu - Uni of Adelaide

Can't Wait to Hire Again

Here at the Citipointe Church we are so grateful to the team at laser tag in a box for their professional yet understanding and friendly service. Our kids loved the day and the activities that came from the laser tag in a box team. We can't wait to hire from them again. Great service, Great activity.

Dan Myhill - KidzClub Holiday & Children's Pastor
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