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Heist - Perfect for Teens & Adults

Heist is an exciting and challenging mission for all ages, but especially teens and adults. 

The idea of this mission is for each team tries to collect money and deposit in their team's vault. Money can be collected three ways: either you shoot the money drop (while it has cash), kill an opponent who is carrying money, or steal money from the another team's vault.

At the end of the mission, whichever team has the most amount of cash WINS!

What do you need?

Pick any pack from the ROYALE series of packages. These are perfect for tweens, teens, and adults. Inside a standard pack, you'll have two medic boxes. Place these of either end of the battlefield. That's where the gamers respawn.

From there you'll have a third box. That goes in the centre. This is where gamers can collect money.

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 Supply Crates 

 If you book in a EPIC or LEGENDARY pack, you'll also be able to play this game with Supply Crates! Get in-game upgrades such as Boost Juice, Med Kit, Rockets, or epic emulations like Legendary Sniper Rifle or an Epic RPG. Find out more here!

Supply Crate


How do you win? How do I score it?

The team with the most amount of cash in their Vault at the end of the game wins!

So for the players, the next question is how they get cash.

The Money Drop

Placed roughly equal distance from each team's Vault, the Money Drop adds $10 to its storage every 5 seconds. It flashes BLUE when it has cash.

The player must shoot the sensor on the top of the box to collect the cash. Their tagger will say "Money Collected" to let them know they've been successful. That money is now in the computer of their tagger - it is not in their Vault.

The player will need to get back their Vault (without dying) and shoot the sensor on their team's Vault. Their tagger will say "Money Deposited". Awesome!

Other Players

If a player has cash and you kill that player, you get half their money.

On the flip side, if you die with cash. It's gone!

The Vault

Players can choose to raid the other team's base. If they manage to get close enough to shoot the sensor, they'll steal $50 from the other team's storage. Getting it back to their own Vault means they can add that score to their team's score.



Mission Briefing Script 

 "Alright, gang. It's crunch time. 

We need to steal as much money as we can within 15 minutes. In the centre of the field is a money drop box.  It will be adding money throughout the game and will blue flash when it has cash. To steal the cash, shoot the sensor at the top of the box.

Once you have the money, you'll need to escape back to your teams' vault. This will be near your starting base. Shoot your vault to deposit the money.  But that's not the only way to get money. If you kill a gamer who is carrying money, you receive half of it.

Not only that, but you can steal money from the other team's vault. Shoot the sensor at the top of the box to do so. You can steal up to $50 every ten seconds. Keep this in mind if your team is struggling for money, raiding the other team's vault can help even up the score.   Unlimited respawns are available from your vault.  

May the best gang win!"


Tips & Tricks

This game should be timed. Use your controller to set the game to a 10 or 15-minute game. To keep track of the scores, pick "Heist" on the Select Mission option on your controller.

Pro Tip! Place the supply crates equal distance from the players bases, "on the way" to the Vaults. This will make raids easier and the game more dynamic.

What's a Supply Crate? 

 If a gamer stays near a crate for 15 seconds, they will collect a supply. This in-game upgrade is loaded into the computer of their tagger. 

It might be a weapon, a type of ammunition, and an useful item. Every 15 seconds the box randomises the items automatically from its list. Rarer supplies are more powerful!

Gamers can carry up to four virtual weapons. The system knows which weapons are best (check out the ranking list here). When a gamer gets a better weapon, the system will automatic start using that! The previous weapon will be placed in reserve.

When the gamer's health gets low, their items will start to heal them. This is automatically done. Gamers will get a message like "Bandages Applied" when the healing begins and another message like "Healed" when it's done.

Basically, the system does everything.

All you need to do is hide & shoot!




Pestering me to do it again!

"All the children... from Prep to High School ages had a ball and have been pestering me ever since to do it again... so ware are!!!"
Alison, Ferny Hills OSCH (Brisbane QLD)

My Ears Become Red Raw

The boys are completely satisfied and overjoyed each and every time. I know this because my ears become red-raw from the illustrious comments that the boys bellow at me - for hours - about their complete enjoyment. Therefore, on behalf of the Boarders at Marist Brothers, I would like to say thank you for creating a fantastic, pleasurable and friendly environment, which has been an essential ingredient as to why the boarders at Ashgrove call Marist... home.
Dean B, Marist Bros



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