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Laser Tag History

"Lazer Tag" was a product created in 1986 by Worlds of Wonder. The founder of WoW was Don Kingsborough.

Using Lazer Tag equipment, players shot sensors worn by other players to "tag" them. If you're tagged a certain number of times, you're out.

The Worlds of Wonder Lazer Tag equipment used a 57.6 kHz carrier frequency modulated with a 1.8 kHz signal.

Worlds of Wonder ceased production of Lazer Tag equipment when it went out of business in 1988.

However, the term "laser tag" remained to be used to describe many games of the same kind.

Ten years later, Tiger Electronics licensed the Lazer Tag brand and began producing its own Lazer Tag equipment. Tiger Toys, picked up the license to use the Lazer Tag logo and produce Lazer Tag guns. 

Unfortunately these new guns are not backwardly compatible.

Other companies started producing tag systems as well. For instance, ToyMax's Laser Challenge line, Playmates/Sega Lock-On, and Tomy's Electronic Survivor Shot, etc. These, however, were designed for a child's Christmas present rather than for robust commercial purposes.

A major milestone in the history of laser tag was the launch of commercial outdoor as well as indoor laser tag equipment from Battlefield Sports.

So whether you are old enough to remember the original toy or simply must have the latest innovation by Battlefield Sports used today by Laser Tag in a Box, laser tag is a lot of fun.



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