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Info for Gamers: How to Play Laser Tag

Here is some info to help you get the most out of your laser tag games

Each player has a laser tagger. Most of our rental laser tag models have three sensors; two on the head & one on the barrel.

In the picture, see the black dome on the boy's headband. Also, note the black dome halfway up the laser tagger. These are the sensors.

Sensors are mounted on a headband using the clip on the back of the dome.

Aim for these sensors.

The headband goes over a coloured bandanna. The colours tell the teams (red vs blue). Aim with either the red-dot scope or the peep sight depending on your rented model.

Each time you tag an opponent your phaser says "Tagged!" The display shows the number of tags after the letter T.

The display shows your current health between 0 & 5 after HP.

D is for deactivated. This shows many players you have deactivated.

The red button is for reloading & the black button is for changing from rapid-fire to a single shot. The laser tagger automatically reloads.

Players should not need to use the buttons.

No way! Our laser tag equipment can be used in daylight. Basically, night or day, rain or shine, indoors or outdoors. If you want to play indoors only, just let us know when you book and we can ensure they are on the ideal setting!

anatomy of a phaser

The Anatomy of a Phaser

These laser tag phasers are sophisticated technology but are easy to use.

The laser tagger consists of:

  • Integrated sensors
  • Either a peep-sight or a red-dot scope (to help you aim)
  • A cable connecting the head sensors (so no awkward vests)
  • A trigger that creates impressive light and sound effects
  • A computer system inside the taggers tracks the real-time actions of each unit so you know when you've got the opposition. It also keeps track of gaming statistics
  • A display that shows you your results.

How do you win at a game of laser tag? How do you play laser tag like a pro? Simple. Know your mission objective. There is no point capturing the wrong flag! If you are playing a team elimination match then the mission is to tag the opposition more than they tag you. If you are playing a capture and hold game then your team needs to control the central objective point (usually a game box) for the longest duration. So you can see, depending on which game you are playing will impact on your laser tag tactics. But nomatter which laser tag game you are playing, gamers win, or lose, as a team. 

Laser Tag is “high tech” hide-and-seek. Fun laser tag games can be played indoors or outdoors. Players tag each other by "shooting" infrared, just like a TV remote but bigger! Since there are no projectiles (the laser taggers only emit light) this means the taggers are harmless and eye safe. The number of hit points can be adjusted. The game time can be configured. There are also cool light and sound effects. 


How Do You Win At Laser Tag?

There are two parts to playing and winning, at laser tag games.

First tagging or shooting the other player.  Aim for these sensors and pull the trigger. If the laser tagger you've rented has an integrated red-dot scope, then you aim with this. Or if you taggers only as a peep sight, then look through the peep. Either way, the little red dot is an optical illusion. It is harmless. Point the dot towards your opponent's sensors and pull the trigger. Each unit has a computer system inside it. It will track how many times you tag the other guy.

Second, avoid getting tagged yourself. Your job is to try and avoid getting tagged. This is high-tech hide & seek, so make sure you take cover!

        Step 1: What Happens when you Tag someone in a Laser Tag game.


        Step 2: What Happens when you are Tagged in a Laser Tag game.





What a day, that was SPECTACULAR! The kids (and adults) had a ball. It was so convenient to have at home, the kids could jump in the pool between games and the rest of us could sit in the air con.

What is a "re-activation"?

 When a player has been tagged with zero hit points, they are deactivated. That "deactivated" player simply needs to go back to where they started and stand next to the game prop box that's been set to act as a medic.

The computer inside the medic box will automatically reactivate the player's laser tagger. And they can rejoin the game and have some more fun.

Depending on how the game is set up, you can have no reactivations, unlimited reactivations, or reactivations for a limited amount of time.

The Display of the Laser Tagger 

The display at the back of the phaser gives you your real-time statistics.

The first line of the display shows your hit point (or "lives") and ammo. 

In this case, the player has 5 out of 5 hit points. And has 50 out of 50 ammo.

The second line shows the emulation. Currently, it is set as a Cobra Tagger.

The next line has a lot of info.

It also shows "Ts" and "Ds". This stands for the number of times a gamer has Tagged someone and the number of Deactivations. It also shows that this tagger is on "Battle 1" on the Red Team.

The third line shows the game state: "Game Over." It offers a medium range. And it shows the type of fire: FA = Full Auto.

laser tagger display - how to play laser tag


How To Play Laser Tag Like A Pro!

how to play laser tag

Tip #1 - Know the Mission

Play to the game's objective. Don't get distracted tagging the opposition.

how to play laser tag

Tip #2 - Take Cover! 

Don't walk down the middle of the path. Move by stealth. Move from cover to cover.

how to play laser tag

Tip #3 - Aim

Taggers have a red-dot scope or peep sight. Aim slightly above your opponents' sensors.

Any Questions? 

If you have any questions on how to play the laser tag games just give us a call PH 1800 266 587.

We are here to help!

Need more? Read our blog for even more tips on how to play laser tag and how to win at laser tag.


Thrilled How Easy It Was

Taylah turned 14 & I wasn't sure how girls this age would go playing laser tag... They absolutely love the concept & game. They couldn't believe how real the gaming guns were & loved the voiceovers & noises they made. It was a service of a high standard. I appreciated the notes enclosed & demonstrated how to use the gaming guns & machinery. The service was exceptional very professional, prompt reply & was very adaptable to my inquiry. I really enjoyed speaking to a person & not a machine. Communication was very important with having only a week to organise the party I was a bit nervous ordering from interstate. I was thrilled how easy it was to receive & pack goods back to Qld. There is nothing else you could improve I think you have everything covered well. Thank You :)
Kylie, Melbourne VIC


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