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Party Theme & Game Ideas       

We are here to create a party that they will never forget. Create a party for a small group or "go big" for a huge group. Just ask us what you need and we help you create an unforgettable event. Call to book at your party - PH: 1800 266 587.

* Party Themes, In Detail

* How To Build A Pop-up Laser Tag Arena

Party Themes


Army Party

Get inspiration on how to run an army party! From tank cakes to party favours.

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Fortnite Party

Play "Fortnite" for real - in your own backyard.

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Magic Party 

 Cast spells for real - in your own backyard.

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Sci-Fi Party

Be inspired by Star Wars & Space Invaders - here's some ways to host a sci-fi party.

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Featured Blog Posts

Tank Cake

Learn how to create a delicious and epic looking tank cake for your party!



Chocolate Wrappers

Learn how to make custom chocolate wrappers. Have them as part of your party food spread or as a take-home gift.




Laser TAg Event Setup & Play Guide

Get inspiration for your event by checking out our awesome parties booklet. Learn everything you need to know on how to host a laser tag party in your backyard. 

What's inside? 

  • How to Use the Laser Taggers 
  • How to Run Laser Tag games
  • How to Run Your Party Step-by-step - such as which games to play and for how long Loads more!

More Helpful Tips & Tricks


Instructional Videos

Every thing you need to now in a series of short videos.




Party Invites

Here's a link to our downloadable party invites. With designs for army, Fortnite, and sci-fi parties.




Game Ideas

Here are some simple game ideas sure to make your event a success!.

Game ideas


Interested? Call us on 1800266587 to book!

Our book online and save!

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A Great Success

Dear Sir, We recently organised a birthday party for our son at our home in Pullenvale [West of Brisbane] which was a great success. All the boys and girls had a great time. Yours faithfully


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