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What comes in your Box?

What comes in your box depends on which rental pack you order.

We have packs big or small. And packs that suit different age groups. 


Each Hire Package Includes Items To Make Your Event One To Remember 

Each pack includes:

  • A certain number of laser taggers (they come in sets of 8, 12, or 16 etc)
  • Medic Boxes (usually one per team. These re-activate the players automatically after their Hit Points reach zero)
  • A Master Controller (the organiser's device. It starts everyone at once, sets game time etc.)
  • A key to turn the units on & off
  • The batteries come fully charged but we include a battery charger, just in case (most people never need it!!) 
  • Easy to follow step-by-step quick start guide. 

Everything is easy to set up. 

Got questions?

Give us a call & or jump on the chat. We're here to help. 


Items in Your Rental Pack

Different Types of Laser Taggers

awesome tagger

Awesome Tagger (Cobra with Scope) 

party taggers

Party Tagger (Cobra without Scope) 


Royale Tagger (Scorpion with Scope) 

fun tagger

Fun Tagger (Basic Cobra) 

party taggers

Optional: Game Box (Play Extra Games) 

Medic Box

Medic Box (One Per Team) 


Gaming Extras

Red & Blue Headbands & Headwraps

These are used to keep everything hygienic. Each player should be assigned a headwrap or wear their own hat.

master controller


This is for the organiser. It helps with running the games, though it isn't necessary. Switch it on & the controller with lets you know what each menu does.



There is a key in every box. These are used to turn all the units on/off.


Packing it all away

Here's how you want to pack up everything in your pack. 

Australian Made Laser Tag Equipment

Laser Tag in a Box rents quality laser tag equipment that's made right here in Australia. The laser tag equipment is manufactured by our sister company, Battlefield Sports

The laser tag sets are sold all over the world. 

The gear uses patented technology. 

And it is designed and purpose-built for commercial laser tag rentals. 



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