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screen free play

Screen Free Play

  • Get the kids outdoors & off their devices
easy to use

Easy To Use

  • Turnkey: just turn the key & start blasting!
all day hire

All Day Hire 

  • Long-lasting batteries play the whole day.


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The only Incursion that's Fun & Thrilling for Them + Easy & Convient for You!

School's out, fun's in. 

Searching for a vacation care activity that gets the kiddos outdoors and active? Are you planning a fun field trip but don't want the hassle of going off-campus? Are you planning a super incursion?


If you are looking for an incursion for your OOSH or Vacation Care, then we've got you!

This is a fun Vacation Care activity, with no travel required. Keep the kids entertained from 6 am to 6 pm. Rent Laser Tag and we will deliver the fun to you.

* No external staff, the gear's easy to use, run the games yourself.


Hear from OSHC Educator, Sue

"We just had laser tag "fun-in-a-box" at our Child Care today. The children had a fun,  action-packed day.

And it wasn't just for one hour, it was for the whole day.    

It was great value.

It was really good for the kids.

And they had a fun, fantastic day.    

I recommend it to any childcare that needs activities. If your children need a really good day. Even after-school care."


On Campus

I wanted an on-campus activity, I had a big group to entertain. We needed something easy & fun for the children. We liked that the package was for a daily rate (rather than just for 90 minutes or a couple of hours) meaning so we could get more use out of it.

Angela, YMCA



3 Games to Play at a School or Vacation Care Incursion

Which games are the best ones to play at a school event or vacation care incursion? 

There are lots of laser tag games you can play. These 3 I reckon are the best:

  1. Bullseye
  2. Team Elimination
  3. Capture the Flag (best for older students)

Can't Wait to Hire again!

"Can't wait to hire again.

We are so grateful to the team at Laser Tag in a Box for their professional yet understanding and friendly service.

Our kids love the day & the activities that came from the Laser Tag in a Box team. We can't wait to hire from them again. Great service. Great activity."

Dan Myhill - KidzClub Holiday & Children's Pastor

can't wait to hire laser tag again


A Sense of Adventure

[Laser Tag] provided children with the ability to self-regulate, they set up camp applying their imagination and creativity. A true sense of adventure outdoors.
Susan, Genesis Christian College OSHC


Laser Tag = Extra Enrollments

A self-guided incursion featuring laser tag games is great for both small and large centres.

If you have a small vacation care program with, say,

  • 30 students then renting a set of "Fun Taggers" where 8 play at once is a great choice
  • because this works out to be around $10pp (+shipping, if needed).

Or if you have a large vacation care program with 

  • 100 or even 120 students, then hire a set of "Fun Taggers" where 20 play at once is best
  • because this works out to be around $6.40pp (+shipping, if needed).

"What I liked best? The children at our centre always enjoy laser tag. We always have extra enrollments on the day that we have laser tag.

[ What I liked best was... ] the ease of ordering, pick-up and delivery. And of course, the immense enjoyment our children receive from laser tag."

Alana, Amberley OHSC

laser tag = extra enrolments

If your school holiday program has both primary and high school students, we recommend separating the younger kids from the older students in the laser tag games.

 A Laser Tag rental is a great idea for a Student Free Day, at the end of the holidays, or for a special after-hours school care activity.

 With a Laser Tag hire you can join in with lots of other people having fun. Great for kids and tweens. There is no age limit. All fitness levels.


Our OSHC Always Books Out

Our OSHC service always books out when we have laser tag on our holiday program. The children play all day and the activity encourages their physical health as well as mental alertness.
Christine, Coominya BAVC


Laser Tag = Problem Solved!

 Educators can find it challenging to find activities that appeal to all children and keep them engaged and interested, especially those who are reluctant to participate in physical or outdoor activities. 

Finding an incursion idea that is budget-friendly also can be challenging. A bus or coach hire and run into hundreds of dollars. The costs can add up! 

The good news is that a laser tag hire is great on just about any budget. 

Say, your vacation care normally has 40 students enrolled. 

You could rent a set of 8 taggers and play in a round-robin format. You can get the games to run for a set time, say 5 or 10 minutes each round. Better still, you can get the spectators involved while waiting their turn. Encourage them to be engaged: "He's behind you!" or "Watch your six!".

This will ensure an economical vacation care incursion.

Laser Tag in a Box is a trusted vacation care incursion supplier. This year we are celebrating 25 years in the laser tag business!!

laser tag = problem solved


Got a question?

Laser Tag in a Box is a great idea for your vacation care or outside-hours school care program

Your students will be raving about all the fun they had on your school holiday program.

If you are an Outside School Hours Coordinator or Educator and are looking for a great activity for school students for the holidays, this is for you.


Want to guarantee your Laser Tag Incursion for your next Vacation Care Program is a success? Get the free Cheat-Sheet!

Awesome Incursion Cheat-Sheet

Pestering me to do it again! 

"All the children... from Prep to High School ages had a ball and have been pestering me ever since to do it again... so we are!!!" Alison, Ferny Hills OSCH (Brisbane QLD)

Fun for Them - Convenient for You

If you are looking for an incursion idea for your vacation care that's great for both boys and girls, then consider laser tag on campus. 

The students can play at their own pace. With just their friends. There are no external personnel on campus.

It is an incursion idea that caters to different age groups and interests, ensuring that everyone has a fun and engaging experience.

A laser tag hire is flexible. You can play outdoors or indoors. 

And you can play on your playground, with items you have locally forming an instant "maze".  

You can get the students to do a "lead-up activity" before the laser tag activity. For example, you can collect some cardboard boxes and have the kids paint them up in a Minecraft or camo pattern. 

Get the students involved in the design of the maze!

You could also spend some time for the kids to come up with a team name. Team names could be something as simple as your school house names. Or get creative and brainstorm some team names. 

vacation care activities for girls

You're the Best!

The children had an absolute ball. We will definitely be using your company again. Good quality equipment is easy to use and great prices. We have used a few laser tag companies in the past. Yours is the best! Thanks for everything.
Debbie, Coordinator Catholic Early EdCare Algester

Great Flexibility

10 out of 10. Hiring laser tag for a whole week during vacation care gave us great flexibility in running games when it best suited us so that all the kids were able to have a really good go at it.
Jeanette, Smartplay Medowie NSW north of Newcastle

 Four Easy Steps to a Fun Incursion!


1. Book Your Pack

Book online or over the phone. Our friendly staff will answer any questions you might have along the way.


2. Delivery 

We estimate delivery of the equipment a few business days before your event. To ensure you have it for your Laser Tag day. Someone will need to be at the centre to sign for it.


3. Incursion Day

It's time for the kids to have some fun! Our laser tag is a "turn-key" system, all you need to do is switch them on and off you go!


4. Collection 

Our courier will collect the equipment from your centre the next business day after your incursion. Someone needs to be there to give it to the driver. Keep an eye out, they'll come between 9 am - 5 pm


A Wonderful Day

Thank you very much for the wonderful day. The children really enjoyed their time! thank you.
Sam OHSC Inala PCYC (Brsibane, QLD)

They Absolutely Enjoyed the Incursion

The children absolutely enjoyed the laser tag incursion we provided with the support of your gear. As a service, it saves me time as you offer delivery and pickup. Also, I found it easy to book the gear and how quickly you respond to emails. So great communication on your behalf of your service. Thanks again.

Alice, YMCA Berrinba East OSHC



School Holiday Program Winner!

Laser Tag is a low-risk, fun, stimulating activity where your students can experience the adventure of laser tag in the safety of your centre.

That's right, on campus!

There is no need to transport everyone to a laser tag arena or family entertainment centre. Save on the transport costs. 

Because Laser Tag in a Box is delivered to your venue, organisers do not need to worry about booking a bus, battling through traffic, or fighting over a parking spot. This means less stress for the organiser

Saves on staff ratios, too!

Great for all primary school-age kids, from prep all the way up to year 6. 

We've worked with vacation care centres all over Australia, including:

  • Amaze Active
  • Catholic Early Ed Care
  • YMCA
  • C&K
  • Big Childcare
  • Bright Horizons
  • PCYC
  • Montessori Schools
  • Gowrie
  • Jabiru Kids
  • Helping Hands / Junior Adventures
  • Good Shepard
  • Regional Councils
  • Country Kids
  • OOSH Club and more!

The equipment is super simple to use.

Your rental pack comes with an easy-to-follow "Quick Start" Guide. Plus, we have phone support if you get stuck. 

We got heaps of hints & tips for your program. In fact, we have written up #7 reasons why to choose laser tag on campus for your next school holiday program.

vacation care incursion ideas for boys


Great For Summer Holidays

Always a popular activity, the kids love it and it's great for those longer summer months. The only downside is kids complain when their parents come early to collect them from us!!
The Nanyima Centre Inc, CAMMERAY, NSW

"This is a favourite activity for vacation care and is convenient and reliable," Stephanie, Acacia Ridge Catholic Early Ed Care


A Fabulous Fun Product

Just wanted to let you know the Laser tag was a huge success, the kids and staff had a great time. Many have requested to do it again. Thank you for producing a fabulous fun product and making hiring and returning so easy. Many thanks and hope to do business with you again soon.
Verity, Wahroonga Vacation Care (Sydney NSW)


incursion ideas for kids

Case Study: Laser Tag For Vacation Care Programs

Case Study: Great for Different Age Groups at Vacation Care 

Imagine you have 100 children enrolled. You can break it up into 4 sessions.

  • A morning session for children 5 - 7 years (preppies, year 1, & year 2) 
  • A lunchtime session for children 8 - 11 years (year 3, year 4, year 5, & year 6) 
  • An afternoon session for 12 -15 years (middle school, Year 7, year 8 & year 9). 
  • Then in the evening, you can have a special session for high school students & adults! 

Each session might have 20 or 24 students or more! 

You would rent a laser tag set of laser taggers and each child would take turns and play a 5 or 10-minute round.

When they've played their game they run to the back of the line and queue up again.

By dividing the hire costs among all the students, the price per person is very competitive, compared with other activities.


Where's The Best Place To Play Laser Tag Games On Campus?

Does your campus or playground have a small group of trees? Trees are terrific to play around.

It's another opportunity to get the kids outdoors.

If not, then you can rent the small inflatable shapes and play on the school oval or in a school gymnasium.

These small shapes are like big balloons, you blow them up and seal them and they stay up for hours.

(Note: They do not need "continuous air blowers" like jumping castles.)

Or build your own field with gym equipment, chairs, cardboard boxes, and whatever else you have on hand.

We recommend hiring some camo nets to through over the top.

Fast. Quick & Easy

Fast. quick and easy. The admin staff were friendly and very helpful. Well done everyone. Our laser tag day on our vacation care program is very popular and books up quickly. Well done team.
Gavin, Forestlodge Vacation Care Sydney NSW

To Sum Up: Laser Tag For School Events & Vacation Care Incursions

Youngsters and the young-at-heart will be delighted with fun laser tag games on campus. This is a hassle-free incursion! 

We've got you covered:


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