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Player Centred Entertainment 

Incursion Ideas For Fun Vacation Care Activities  

Looking for an Incursion Idea? Looking for incursion ideas for childcare centre? 

A fun incursion that offers value and gets the kids outdoors and active? 

Something that's safe and exciting? 

Want something that is easy to run for the carers?  That's intuitive for the kids?

Look no further! 

Keep the kids entertained from 6 am to 6 pm. Rent Laser Tag and we will deliver the fun to you.

Holiday Program Winner!

Laser Tag is a low-risk, fun, stimulating activity where your students can experience the adventure of laser tag in the safety of your centre. 

That's right, on campus! 

No need to go to a laser tag arena or family entertainment centre. No need to pay for a bus. 

It's perfect for all primary school-age kids, from prep all the way to year 6. 

We recommend dividing up your participants into 2 to 4 groups over the day, rotating through each. 

This way, the kids can play against those their own age + you get the best use out of the equipment.

laser tag fun

You're the Best!

The children had an absolute ball. We will definitely be using your company again. Good quality equipment is easy to use and great prices. We have used a few laser tag companies in the past. Yours is the best! Thanks for everything.
Debbie, Coordinator Catholic Early EdCare Algester



Childcare worker, Sue, talks about Laser tag in a Box 

"We just had laser tag "fun-in-a-box" at our Child Care today. The children had a fun,  action-packed day. And it wasn't just for one hour, it was for the whole day. 

It was great value. 

It was really good for the kids. 

And they had a fun, fantastic day. 

I recommend it to any childcare that needs activities. If your children need a really good day. Even after-school care."

Cheaper Than A Laser Tag Arena!

It's cheaper than hosting a party in a laser tag place. Kids loved it and was simple and easy to organise.
Heather Geary from Fig Tree Pocket, QLD



Up to 32 Kids 

 If you have a centre with up to 32 students, then an eight pack is the best value for money. 



Up to 48 Kids  

 If you expecting up to forty-eight kids at your centre, then hiring out 12 pack is the way to go!



Up to 64 Kids 

 Here are the prices for a 16 pack, but you can also hire 20, 24, 28 or more!

Had an Awesome Time

Dear Nicole & Team, Thank you so much the kids had an awesome time. It was absolutely great fun! We will certainly be back and we have already handed out your referral slips. Thanks again, from all the birthday boys.
Liz, Running Creek



What we can do for you:

  • Epic fun laser games - indoors or outdoors ALL DAY fun  
  • Value for money - rental packs start at $134 for a set of 4 laser tag units (+shipping, if needed) 
  • Games that keep the kids engaged - suitable for preppies and older students  
  • Printable Activity Pack (PDF Download) 
  • Making Awesome Memories 


Incursion Ideas / Excursion Ideas for Schools

If you are an Outside School Hours Co-ordinator or Carer and looking for a great activity for school students for the holidays this is for you. We cater for:

  • incursion ideas for small school programs
  • incursion ideas for medium-sized school programs
  • incursion ideas for large school programs.
incursion activity ideas


Your Incursion Checklist  

The laser tag sets are easy to use. Every package includes a "Quick Start" guide with step-by-step instructions. All the equipment is pre-set, so all you do is turn each unit on with a key & start blasting. :-)

(Plus if you get stuck we're just a phone call away!)       

 Four Easy Steps to a Fun Incursion!


1. Book Your Pack

Your book online or over the phone. Our friendly staff will answer any questions you might have along the way.


2. Delivery 

We estimate delivery of the equipment a few days before your event. To ensure you have it for your Laser Tag day. Someone will need to be at the centre to sign for it.


3. Incursion Day

It's time for the kids to have some fun! Our laser tag is a "turn key" system, all you need to do is switch them on and off you go!


4. Collection 

Our courier will collect the equipment from your centre the next business day after your incursion. Keep an eye out for the driver, they'll come between 9-5.

Great For Summer Holidays

Always a popular activity, the kids love it and it's great for those longer summer months. The only downside is kids complain when their parents come early to collect them from us!!
The Nanyima Centre Inc, CAMMERAY, NSW


A Fabulous Fun Product

Just wanted to let you know the Laser tag was a huge success, the kids and staff had a great time. Many have requested to do it again. Thank you for producing a fabulous fun product and making hiring and returning so easy. Many thanks and hope to do business with you again soon.
Verity, Wahroonga Vacation Care (Sydney NSW)


Incursion Ideas for Small Sized Vacation Care Programs

If you care for a small group, of say up to 30 students then a small rental package is perfect for you. I recommend getting a set of 8 laser taggers. But we actually have an even smaller set of 4. 

You'll get: 

  • 6 Red Team Taggers + 6 Blue Team Taggers
  • 2 Medic Boxes, for scoring 
  • 1 Controller, to help manage the games
  • Plus other helpful items

Incursion Ideas For Medium Sized School Programs

Here is a great idea for "on-campus field trip" for small vacation care programs - the Team Elimination Game where 12 students play at once.

You'll get:

  • 6 Red Team Taggers + 6 Blue Team Taggers
  • 2 Medic Boxes, for scoring
  • 1 Controller, to help manage the games
  • 1 Game Box - Highly Recommended by Optional (select the bundle option on our shop or be sure to request the Game Box over the phone)
  • Plus other helpful items

Can't Wait to Hire Again

Here at the Citipointe Church we are so grateful to the team at laser tag in a box for their professional yet understanding and friendly service. Our kids loved the day and the activities that came from the laser tag in a box team. We can't wait to hire from them again. Great service, Great activity.

Dan Myhill - KidzClub Holiday & Children's Pastor

Incursion Ideas For Large School Programs

Do you have a large vacation care program? 

The best way to work out how many taggers you should hire is dividing your maximun number of students by 4. You can divide up the day into 4 sessions. 

So, if you have 80 kids enrolled, you'll want to hire a 20 pack. 

Be Sure to Get:

The Game Box. Highly Recommended but Optional. This will make scoring and running the larger game easier.

How do the Games Work?

All gamers get 5 lives when they have been tagged 5 times their phaser automatically de-activates. 

The players run back to their "base camp" (wherever you have placed their medic box). The kids press the button and the computer brings them back to life and the players run back into the game for a bit more fun. 

Read More

Playing with the Game Box (High Recommended!)

You place the Game Box in the middle of the area where the kids are playing. So they need to tag each other and the Game Box. 

 When the red team tags the game box it flashes red. When the blue team shoots the box it flashes blue. The computer inside the box times how long each team has it in control. 

All the students play the entire game. At the end of the round, if the blue team had it in control longer than red, the box will flash blue and has this cool sound effect which says "Blue Team is Victorious!" So everyone knows blue won!

A Wonderful Day

Thank you very much for the wonderful day. The children really enjoyed their time! thank you.
Sam OHSC Inala PCYC (Brsibane, QLD)

3rd Time We've Booked

This is the 3rd time that we have had laser tag at our vacation care and the kids had a blast. For a vacation care group, we could send them off-site to a laser tag venue but they would only get 1/2 hour play time for the same value. Using your equipment, they get to play all day! Great customer service every time.
Kirsten Dundas Valley, Sydney NSW

This Laser Tag Equipment Works Both Indoors or Outdoors

Laser Tag is new and it is heaps of fun for all the kids. The great news is that this equipment is intuitive to use.

So whether your Vacation Care Centre is located in Brisbane, Syndey, Melbourne or elsewhere around Australia we can courier the boxes to you. 

Your staff can run the games so you don't have others (perhaps people who do not have Blue Cards!) coming into your campus.

And you don't just the entertainment for a couple of hours. 

No way! 

You get the laser tag gear for the entire day! The laser taggers come with a battery that let's you play from dawn to dusk. More gaming, less charging.

And with a round-robin format, everyone gets a turn. And it is so easy to organise. First, we pack everything you will need into a box and deliver it straight to your campus. Rest assured it will get to you on time. And then we will pick up the box the next day. 

Planning your program for next holidays? Call us to book this fun incursion idea in - call Laser Tag in a Box on PH 1800 266 857.

Fast. Quick & Easy

Fast. quick and easy. The admin staff were friendly and very helpful. Well done everyone. Our laser tag day on our vacation care program is very popular and books up quickly. Well done team.
Gavin, Forestlodge Vacation Care Sydney NSW

Case Study: Laser Tag for Vacation Care Programs 

Case Study: Great for Different Age Groups at Vacation Care 

Laser Tag works for Vacation care &  Summer Camps.

Imagine you have 100 children enrolled. You can break up into 3 sessions. 

  • A morning session for children 5 years - 7 years (preppies, year 1, & year 2) 
  • A lunchtime session for children 8 years - 11 years (year 3, year 4, year 5 & year 6) 
  • An afternoon session for 12 years -15 years (middle school, Year 7, year 8 and year 9). 

Then in the evening you can have a special session for the the high school students & adults! 

Each session might have 20 to 30 students. 

The operators would rent a laser tag set of 20 taggers and each child would take turns and play a 5 or 10 minute round.  When they've played their game they run to the back of the line and queue up again. Each pack of 20 phasers also comes with two medic boxes (one for each team), a spare tagger, and a master controller. The Master Controller is a portable device with controls the games, it can start everyone, pause set the game time etc. By dividing the hire costs between all the students, the cost per student is very competitive compared with other activities.   

More, since Laser Tag in a Box is delivered to your venue organisers do not need to worry about booking a bus for the group or battling through traffic to get out to a laser tag venue. This means less stress for the organiser.


What I liked best?

The children at our centre always enjoy Laser Tag. We always have extra enrolments on the day that we have Laser Tag. [What I liked best?] Ease of ordering, pick-up and delivery, and of course the immense enjoyment our children receive from Laser Tag
Alana, Amberley OSCH (Ipswich QLD)

To Sum Up: Laser Tag For School Events & Vacation Care Incursions 

Youngsters and the young-at-heart will be delighted with fun laser tag games on campus. This is a hassle-free incursion! 

Play indoors or outdoors. 

This is something suitable for preppies and older students. Because this is a rental service, the boxes are delivered to you a day or two before your event and collected the day after. That way you have the gear ALL DAY! Batteries are long-lasting. The gear comes fully charged so you can play from dawn to dusk if you want! 

More, there is no extra staff need to be on your campus. 

The equipment is simple to use. 

You literally turn it on with a key and you can start blasting! Your pack comes with easy to follow the "Quick Start" Guide. Plus we have telephone support if you get stuck. Give us a call to see what we can do for your program.


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