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At Laser Tag in a Box, we are here to make organizing your event hassle-free

What Comes In Your Box  

Laser Tag In A Box rents you all the things you need to run a laser tag event at your place. 

The most popular rental is a pack of 12 cobras with red-dot scopes, we call this the "Awesome Party In A Box." 

But you can rent a small set of 4 or 8 or 12 taggers. Plus you can "go big!" and rent 16 or 20 or even more!           



Downloadable Quick Start Guides

A Scout Leader's Story

"We've booked several times. Equipment and service have been great in past delivered prior to the event and pick up after suits me. Scouts aged from 8yrs to 18yrs as well as adult leaders have all enjoyed playing laser tag. Great activity enjoyed by all." Allan Ross RAR Beaver Masters District Scouts, Beerwah, Queensland.

Choosing your teams

If you are renting a 12 Pack then you will get 6 phasers on the red team and 6 phasers on the blue team. If you are renting an 8 pack then you'll get 4 on red and 4 on blue. 

Not sure how to split up the players without arguments? Why not do a lucky dip? Players randomly pick a coloured item like a wristband, bandanna or lanyard. The colour they pick becomes their team so no one is picked last and there are no bad feelings.


Half of your phasers will be on the "blue team". These will be matched with a bandanna, a headband, and a phaser. 

The blue team gets a blue medic box (some are completely blue, others have a big blue sticker). 


The other half of your phasers will be on the red team. The players on this team also get a bandanna, headband, and phaser. 

We recommend kids wear a bandanna each - or their own hat. 

Helpful Party Planning Info



How to Build a Field/Maze
Getting ready for your event? Get some ideas on how to create your own field / maze. Click here

Medic Boxes
Your medic boxes help you score the game + they reactivate "deactivated" players. Click here for more. 

Packing Up

It is very important to ensure that you pack everything you received back into the boxes we shipped you the equipment in. It is a good idea to check off each item off as you pack it back in your box or boxes against the packing sheet you got originally. 

So Much Positive Feedback

Can we book the Saturday night of the third weekend of October for the Scouts at JOTA and hopefully with a similar deal to last year. Don't know the location yet but our first choice will be Bentley Park College again. I have had so much positive feedback about the camp in general and Lasertag in particular. Our Cubs who will be Scouts by JOTA is talking about the camp and Lasertag already.

Shane Bickhott, Scout Leader

It was a Blast

The players had a blast! Great thanks, gear was in good condition and arrived as needed.
Ginnie Hey, North pacific Coast Girl Guides Glenre


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