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How to Run Laser Tag Games using a Master Controller

The Controller is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

Use the Controller to Manage the Laser Tag Games 

The gameplay and phaser settings can be managed by the Master Controller. 

If you rent a small set of phasers (6) then your package does not include a Master Controller. Instead, you can simply turn the units on or off with the key. 

But if you rent a standard set of laser taggers (10 or more) then your package will include the rental of a Master Controller. 

Running the laser tag games is easy with a Master Controller. 

The controller can:

  • start everyone at once
  • end everyone at once
  • set teams
  • pause / resume 
  • reactive (same as a medic box) 
  • set a game duration (set time) 
  • change sound volume. 

Menu Options on the Controller

Using a Master Controller

The Controller helps you run the games, it is the tagger without a curly cable. First, turn the Controller on by turning the key 1/4 turn clockwise and pull the trigger. Next, you will see a screen with some writing on it. The first screen you will see is the “Reactivate” screen. Press the red or black buttons to scroll through the menu options.


Once a player is deactivated they need to be reactivated. This option is a back up just in case a medic box stops working. Point the Controller at a deactivated phaser and pull the trigger, the Controller will reactivate them. The player will hear the “Reactivated” SFX & have 5/5 HP again.


The Controller does not have a timer set as standard. If you wish to use the timer, go to this menu. Pull the trigger. Scroll to "Timed" and pull the trigger. Scroll up or down to select your time. Pull the trigger to

lock your choice in. All games will now go for that length of time. When you turn on the phasers an untimed game has already started so you will need to go to END first (below) before you can START a timed game.


The controller lets you set up the "Free for All" game. WARNING it can be difficult to put the phasers back to their original setting. If you do not intend to set up Free for All do not touch this menu.

Pulling the trigger you get three options: Set FF On, Set Team A, Set Team B. The first is the option you want, so pull the trigger again. Now tag all the phasers you wish to set. Note, the medic boxes will not work for phasers that have been set this way (FF On).

To set the phasers back do the following. Turn on all red team phasers, turn OFF all blue team. Go through the menus and select Set Team A. Tag all the red team phasers. Now turn OFF the red team and turn on the blue team. Do the same again, but choosing Team B instead. 


Turning on the phasers with the key will start the game. You can play without using the controller. Most laser tag games have some kind of timer (you can use our system or your phone). The END option "ends" the game, pausing everyone. This gives you a chance to find out who won. 

To end the game, pull the trigger. Then press the black button. Then pull the trigger again.


This option will start all the phasers at once, creating a brand new game, resetting all scores. This example image shows the screen for an untimed game. If you set up a timer, the time will be on the bottom row.

Either way, once you are ready to start, pull the trigger. Then press the black button. Then pull the trigger again. If you had set up a game timer it will start counting down. When the timer hits zero it will automatically end the game.

There are a couple of other menu options on the controller but for the most part, you won't need to use them. 



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