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Meet Nicole - Chief Fun Officer

Meet Nicole 


Thanks for popping by.

I'm Nicole.

I'm the Chief Fun Officer at Laser Tag in a Box 

Together with my husband, Peter, we invented commercial outdoor laser tag. 

Since 1999 we've run events, small & big.

In 2011 we started a Do It Yourself rental so now you can have a laser tag party at home!

Or on your campus, or in a local park, you get the idea!            

I am Mum of two delightful kiddos.

Well, they're big kids now. 

I play Table Tennis (yep, competitive table tennis is a thing). Mind you the way I play is more like ping-pong! 


I love hard sci-fi (space opera) - TV, books and movies, you name it! 

And I'm here to help you create an event your peeps will never forget. 

Call me & my team today to see how we can help you  PH: 1800 266 587 

nicole lander


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