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Laser Tag By Occasion

 Whether it is for a birthday party, or a Vacation Care program, or a Youth Groups, or for any reason really - Laser Tag is a terrific choice. 


Birthday Parties!

A party at your place - anywhere in Australia. No need to travel, fighting traffic, and worrying about parking. 

Home Laser Tag parties are perfect for boys and girls parties. 

We have free party invites you can download plus an easy step-by-step guide on how to run the "best birthday ever!"

School Groups & Holiday Programs


Laser Tag is a fun, active incursion for vacation cares. 



Engage your students at your school!

Fetes, Festivals & Fairs

Raise funds for your school or community. Laser tag is one of the most popular activities for kids to do at fetes, festivals and fairs!

Team Events

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