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Party Ideas for Boys

We got lots of party ideas for boys.

Here's some great ideas for your next party for boys and girls. Laser Tag is a good idea for boy's birthday parties because it gives the boys an opportunity to have fun in their own backyard with their friends.

If you have a boy, or girl, and you are looking for some cool birthday party ideas, then download our free "Guide to Awesome Parties". 

Father & Son Day

Thanks again Nicole

The boys had a fabulous time and everyone commented how fun (and tiring) it was!! Appreciate it.

Mel, Brisbane, Villanova Boys College

If you are looking for some inspo and ideas for a boy's birthday party, then you've come to the right place. If you have a little boy who loves action then laser tag games are a fun boy�s party idea.
Party planning mums love being able to rent the laser tag gear to keep their sons and his buddies busy throughout the party. And as a special bonus the boy will, it's guaranteed, sleep well that night!
If your boys are adventurous then they will be looking forward to their big day. Planning a special celebration is a way to create family traditions and happy memories that last a lifetime.

Boy's Birthday Party Game Ideas

From Star Wars to Superheroes, no matter what your boy's into, laser tag game can get them into action.
If you are throwing a party with a space party theme, the sky's the limit. Three, two, one, blast off! Your space ranges can play an intergalactic space battle while still in their own backyard.
The laser tag games are easy to run you just turn the units on with the key and start blasting. This is great for boys and girls who love adventure.
As well as zapping each other you might want to, before the guests arrive hide some treats around your backyard. So the boys can play out a scavenger hunt for lollies and sweets.

Boy's Birthday Party Wind-Down Ideas

After all the action of the laser tag game and the fabulous party food, then you might want to organise some wind-down activities.
For example you might want to organise video game that matches your party theme. You�ll need a big screen and lots of controllers.
Alternatively you might to tee-up a movie that matches your birthday party theme. Watching a film like "Star Wars" or the new �Guardians of the Galaxy 2� flick will work a treat.



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