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Fun (in-a-box) Tagger - Perfect for Young Kids

Have you got a group of little ones keen to play laser tag? This tagger is perfect for kids ages between 5 and older. This model is our lightest. Play either indoors or outdoors. All packs have coloured coded teams: red vs blue. 

Playing Laser Tag

Our technology knows what team the player is on. So teammates can't tag each other. 

All our phasers come fully charged and fully set so all you need to do is turn the phaser on and you are good to go!

What if it Rains? 

The Blaster is built tough and is weather-resistant. So you can play in the rain. When they are not being used then I recommend keeping out of the rain & switching them off to save the battery.

About the Tagger

Range: up to 50m outside

Weight: 1.3 kg

Battery Life: 8 hours of Game Time

Aiming: Easy to use Red Dot Scope


Weekend Value

Hire Saturday and get Sunday Free!

Because you have the kit all weekend you don't need to hire one for one person. You can run a round robin style with all your participants. Or invites family over one day, and friends over the next. 

Camo-fy your Event

Every Army Party needs camo! You can buy or rent in our online shop. In Brisbane? Come down to our shop & check it our for yourself.

Laser Tag is high-tech hide-and-seek. If you're planning to play in a school hall or grassy area we recommend hiring inflatables. They are easy to set up and will make the party experience that much better.

Camo Shop  

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