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Laser Tag Party in a Box  

Our party in a box series comes with the Cobra (with peep sight) also known as the Party Cobra. The Party Cobra is small and made from polycarbonate so it is light enough to be used by players 7 years and older. Play either indoors or outdoors. To aim, you use a peep-sight (if you'd like to upgrade to the Red Dot scope, check out the Cobra+Scope) which is about the size of a 5c coin. 

We have packages for every size group and party. For a small party, hire the 6-pack. Our most popular size is a 10 pack. All packs have coloured coded teams: red vs blue. We also hire packs of 15, 20 & more!

How many players at once?

laser tag set for 6

Laser Tag Set - 6 play at once  

Perfect for kids! Play the "Team Elimination" game with this pack. It is super easy to understand and run. Learn more here. 

The pack comes with 6 phasers, 2 medic boxes, 6 coloured bandannas, 1 battery charger, and a key (to turn it all on!). 

laser tag set for 10

Laser Tag Set - 10 play at once  

With this pack play both "Team Elimination" and "Free for All" games. Add the "Capture & Hold" game for even more fun! Learn more here. 

The pack comes with 10 phasers, 2 medic boxes, 10 coloured bandannas, 1 battery charger, 1 controller (for the organiser), and a key (to turn it all on!). 


Playing Laser Tag

Our technology knows what team the player is on. So teammates can't tag each other. 

All our phasers come fully charged and fully set so all you need to do is turn the phaser on and you are good to go!

kids love to play laser tag in the backyard


Heaps better than Expected

I could not believe how easy it was to order & receive the game everything was very efficient & we even received the pack a day before we were expecting it the phasers were heaps better than what we were expecting.

Macarla, Tareit, Melbourne

add camo to your laser tag party

Make it Camo!

We have great items you can buy or rent in our online shop. If you are picking up you can look at what we've got in-store.

You can also hire inflatables. 

These are great to set up on a grassed area such as a backyard or oval. 

Online Shop


What if it Rains? 

The Cobra is built tough and is weather-resistant. So you can play in the rain. When they are not being used then I recommend keeping out of the rain & switching them off to save the battery.


About the Cobra Phaser

Description:   Light Weight Poly-carbonate Phaser.
Range: up to 50m outside
Weight: 2kg
Display: The rear of the Phaser, just like a HUD
SFX: Patented Real-Time Hit-Feedback. Standard SFX "Laser Tag". But we can Configure them to a Battlefield LIVE SFX, just ask us when you book.
LFX: Cool Predator Muzzle Flash. Three coloured hyper-brights forms a triangle shape & the infrared emitted is located in the centre of the triangle.
Battery: Heavy Duty Battery which lasts approx 16 hours of Game Time. (But we do include a battery charger in your box, just in case.) 
Aiming: This model does not have a Red Dot Scope, but it does have a little peep sight. Or gamers can look down the rail, which acts as a traditional "iron sight".
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