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laser tag hire for the littlest players

Delivering Fun To Your Place

The Fun Tagger is small and light. Perfect for your little adventurers!

Nurture your little kiddos with fun & engaging play.

The rental packs come with half of the taggers set on the red team and half on the blue.

Our technology knows what team each player is on. So teammates can't tag each other.

All our taggers come fully charged and pre-set so all you need to do is turn the tagger on and you are good to go!

The Fun Taggers have no head sensors, making kit-up and turn-over quick and easy. This is perfect for vacation cares and fetes when many children play with the taggers throughout the day.

About the Tagger

Range: up to 50m in daylight

Weight: 1.8 kg

Battery Life: up to 16 hours of Game Time

Sensors: Dual Barrel Sensors (no head sensors)

Aiming: peep-sight scope

A Fabulous Fun Product

Just wanted to let you know the Laser tag was a huge success, the kids and staff had a great time. Many have requested to do it again. Thank you for producing a fabulous fun product and making hiring and returning so easy. Many thanks and hope to do business with you again soon.
Verity, Wahroonga Vacation Care (Sydney NSW)

 We know what works and what kids love! Check out #LaserTaginaBox to see all the fun we've had.


Our fun-in-a-box series comes with the Fun Tagger. 

The Fun Cobra is small and made from polycarbonate so it is light enough to be used by players 5 years and older. Play either indoors or outdoors. To aim, you use a peep-sight which is about the size of a 5c coin. If you'd like to upgrade to the Red Dot scope, check out the Awesome Taggers.

We have packages for every size group and party. All packs have coloured-coded teams: red vs blue. 

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DIY Laser Tag Made Easy 

 This box of wonderful is super easy to use. 

 You just turn the tagger on with the key & start blasting! 

It is all pre-set to play the game "Team Elimination". 

 This game is fun. 

 And it is intuitive for your kiddos.

fun laser tag set

Promote Teamwork

These days there's nothing more important than social interaction and teamwork! Get the kids working together and communicating by giving them a "goal".

Play the "Bullseye" game!

This is super simple to explain and run. All you need to do is switch on the Game Box and put it in the centre of the game.

As for the players, all they need to do is tag the Game Box! 

The goal of this game is to tag the box as many times as possible. The score is counted for the team - so the kiddos naturally start working together!


Weekend Value 

Hire Saturday and get Sunday Free! 

 Because you have the kit all weekend you don't need to hire one for one person. You can run a round-robin style with all your participants. Or invites the family over one day, and friends over the next


Heaps Better Than Expected

I could not believe how easy it was to order and receive the game everything was very efficient & we even received the pack a day before we were expecting it the phasers were heaps better than what we were expecting.
Macarla, Tareit, Melbourne

add camo to your laser tag party

Where to Play?

Laser tag is actually just a big game of hide-and-seek, which is why it's perfect for the modern kid! Of course, with hide-and-seek you need hiding places.

This could be a patch of woods, with plenty of trees and bushes. Or it might be around the school buildings.

Many vacation cares and fetes host their games either in their school hall or on a sports field. These are great! But they usually don't come with much in the way of hiding spots!!

To quickly build a "maze" to play around, we recommend hiring inflatables. 


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