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Rent Laser Taggers for Kids Aged 9 & Up

These laser tag units the "Cobra with a Scope" laser tagger is the best choice for parties for kids 9 & up. This rental package is called the "Awesome Party in a Box".

The Awesome Party in a Box package cranks up the action. This birthday party is sure to get a "YEAHHH!" moment from your child.

You can play with these phasers either indoors or outdoors. The cobra with the red dot scope is 100% portable, built tough and is weather-resistant.

The gameplay will last and last.

You can rent a small pack of 6 or go for a 10 pack, from then on if you'd like more then you can rent additional phases in increments of 5.

How many players at once?


Perfect for small parties! This pack allows you to play the "Team Elimination" games which are super easy to understand and run. The pack comes with 6 phasers, 2 medic boxes, 6 coloured bandannas, 1 battery charger, and a key (to turn it all on!). 


It's time for a super fun birthday party! With this pack both "Team Elimination" and "Free for All" games. Add the "Capture & Hold" game for even more fun! The pack comes with 10 phasers, 2 medic boxes, 10 coloured bandannas, 1 battery charger, 1 controller (for the organiser), and a key (to turn it all on!). Wants even more fun? Add a Game Box

Camo & Inflatables

Camo, camo, camo. We are your one-stop-shop for Army Parties. We have camo outfits including hats, camo decor including cups & plates, and party favours like themed loot bags. Check out our online shop or swing by our Brisbane ship. 

Laser Tag is a high-tech hide-and-seek. We recommend hiring inflatables if you're planning to play in a school hall or grassy area. They are easy to set up and will make the party experience that much better.

Awesome Cobra

Description:            Light Weight Polycarbonate Phaser.
Range: up to 80m outside
Weight: 2.2kg
Display: The rear of the Phaser, just like a HUD
SFX: Patented Real-Time Hit-Feedback. Standard SFX "Laser Tag". But we can Configure them to a Battlefield LIVE SFX, just ask us when you book.
LFX: Cool Predator Muzzle Flash. Three coloured hyper-brights forms a triangle shape & the infrared emitted is located in the centre of the triangle.
Battery: Heavy Duty Battery which lasts approx 16 hours of Game Time. (But we do include a battery charger in your box, just in case.) 
Aiming: This model has an integrated Red Dot Scope.

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