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Your Laser Tag Party in 5 Easy Steps

1. Choose Your Equipment 

There are three questions you'll want to answer:

  1. Which model are you going to hire? You choose either:
    1. based on the party-goers age
    2. or by the occasion (birthday party, incursion, sports team break up etc.)
  2. How many you do you want to rent. Not sure? Give us a call on 1800 266 587 and we can help.
  3. Select any extras like a Game BoxCamo Nets, or Camo Face Paint

2. Choose Collect or Courier 

If you're in South East Queensland you can collect from our shop in Shailer Park (near the Hyperdome Shopping Centre). 

Or have the kit couriered straight to your door!

When you are ready to book you can book online or give us a call (1800 266 587)

3. Enjoy Your Party! 

Whoo-hoo! This is the best part.
If you do have questions before or during, or even after your party please call us at the office during business hours. Or we have an after-hours mobile phone number too. 

As you're planning your party check out our ideas & inspo tab for game ideas, free party invites, and more! 

4. Return the Kit to Us  

COLLECT: You can collect your gear on the business day before your event (ask us about demo times) and pop it back to us on the following business day (anytime between 9 - 5)

COURIER: We've included all the con-notes in your box so all you need to do is place the stickers with our return address over the ones that showed your address and sign off the courier documentation when the truck driver arrives at your place. 

5. Repeat

Loved your party? Why not do it all again next year, next season or even next week! 

Let us know about your experience and leave a review! We're a small business and every review counts. 

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