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Game Box (Capture & Hold Game) | Laser Tag in a Box

Prop to Play The Capture & Hold Game

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Add a Game Box to your rental pack for some extra spark! SUMMER SALE! The game box was $72 now it's only $36. That's 50% off. 

Add this prop to your laser tagger rental & you can play the thrilling  "Capture & Hold" Game. 

The software in this prop is a family-friendly "Laser Tag" theme. Works with the AwesomeTaggers. 

"The boys had a ball. We are seriously cool amongst his pals at school now for having such a good party, so thanks for that! IT was just terrific! Thanks, guys for everything we had a ball with the laser tag guns on Sunday too as a family!" Nicky, Sydney 

Here's how the "Capture & Hold" Game works:

If the red team players tag the box and it flashes red. If the blue team players tag the box then it will flash blue. The timer inside the box works how long each team was in control. At the end of the game time, the team which had control for the most time wins! The box will flash that team colour and say "blue team is victorious" or "red team is victorious".

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