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Hire Some Fun For Your School

If you are the teacher of a school students nowadays you know it can be challenging to really engage students and get them involved in an active and social activity. 

School Camp Ideas at your Campus

Every school student has their "first camp". A lot of schools like to hold this one at the campus. Sleeping over at school is super fun. But one big challenge is bringing the activities to your campus. 

Laser Tag in a Box makes this easy and convenient. We ship to the school a couple days before your camp, then pick it up the business day after. 

Students absolutely love playing around the school buildings. And the great thing about that is there is normally enough lighting to make night games both exciting and safe. Or, play on the school oval & book our inflatables to create the field. 

Staffed Events

If you're in South East Queensland, you can book in a staff event where we come and run the games for you! Interested? Give us a call on 1800 266 587.

Engage your Boarders

Develop an "carpe deim" or "seize the day" attitude. Create a common spirit of comradeship and enthusiasm.

Unite a disparate class. Help bring your new students into the boarder community. Promote teamwork between boys and girls, teachers & students.

Enthusiastic & Welcoming

Our Year 12 Mystery Tour on Thursday nigh was a great success and the girls really enjoyed playing Laser Skirmish. We appreciated your making the facilities available to use outside of your usual operating hours [the event kicked off at 11pm and finished at 1:30am]. Please pass on our thanks to your game masters / referees who were enthusiastic and welcoming despite the late night/early morning time slot. With thanks

Dianne, Ipswich Girls' Grammar School


I would like to thank you and Block, Wolf and Fox for a fantastic day. It was a very successful exercise. The stunned silence from the group when I announced at morning tea the activity was incredible the smile on their faces after the activity was priceless!

Di, Narangba Valley State School


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