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Escape Mundane Team Building & Discover Live-action Gaming!

The ultimate experience where fun, excitement, and productivity boom. Revolutionise your corporate team building activities! 

Foster camaraderie and teamwork. 

 Play captivating games, tailored to your team's business needs. 

Build a collaborative culture!


Need a fun corporate team-building idea?  

 Nowadays it is more important than ever to maintain good staff morale and create camaraderie.   

We make it simple to include a fun team-building event in your calendar.  

We deliver the fun to you.

Every laser tag pack comes with preset a game you can play! For this package, you have 5 game options.

Your Mission: Heist

Corporate groups LOVE our Heist mission. This game is all about money. 

Yep! There's nothing more perfect for your team building!

How it Works: 

 Each team has a Utility Box assigned to them. For this game, you'll want to set them as a Vault.  All players will have 100 Health at the start of the game. Every time they are tagged they'll lose some Health. When they run out of Health, they are "Dead". Players will need to return to their Vault to restore their Health back to 100. 

 During the game, players battle it out to steal virtual cash from either the central Money Drop or from the other team. If a player successfully collects some money, their tagger will say "Money Collected". They'll need to get back to their Vault to deposit it. If they die before they return the cash, it's gone!

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More Missions:

Get your delegates moving with a new interactive team-building activity: Battlefield LIVE.

Play an indoor or outdoor game that inspires bonding and strategic thinking and gives participants a healthy dose of adrenaline. 

In the digital age where technology reigns supreme, laser tag for adults has become more and more popular as a go-to activity for those who enjoy the thrill of video games. 

Forget the small dark space with flashing neon lights, laser skirmish has evolved into a sport where players can explore the rainforest and use team tactics to achieve their mission objectives.

Catering for all fitness levels, this is high-tech hide-and-seek, with high-stakes bragging rights.

Very Popular

Hi Nicole, We had a great day today and the Laser Tag Activity was very popular and went well. We have packed up the equipment and placed it as instructed with the return stickers and is in our Loading Dock and will be ready for the courier when they arrive tomorrow. Thanks again, Kind Regards,
Rehani, Hewlett-Packard

teambuilding exercises

Now you've got a game plan, the next question is:

How Many Players at Once?

Including a Laser Tag activity in a team-building exercise makes great business sense. 

Exciting team-building activities powerfully illustrate the importance of communication and leadership. Challenging, yet safe and inclusive, these signature events can be delivered for your entire company, specific business units or any project team or group within your organization. 

A mixture of action and learning is developed to suit your team and your needs. 

 Great for your staff and their family. 


Mega Fun

Mega fun running through the woods shooting people. This is a great team-building [day]. Very cool. Thank you!
Nerissa, Youth Emergency Services

Great for Team Building

The equipment was awesome and service and delivery fantastic and the group loved every second and were very realistic while still being pure fun.
Ingrid, Syndey NSW

  delivers you an army theme or a sci-fi theme rental all across Australia.

We deliver you a set number of taggers, game props, bandanas, and a couple of keys. and lots of fun!

We specialise in laser tag rentals, it's ready, aim, and fun at your place! Bookings essential. To book on call Phone: 1800 Book Us (1800 2665 87).

Call us to discuss what we can do for you.  

Fun for All

I thought it was great. This is good fun for all, including girls. I'll be coming to future events!
Darryl White, Ikea Logan QLD



With a Laser Tag corporate Team Building exercise you can: 

  • Reward your team for achieving a milestone or having a successful year/quarter/month or 
  • simply launch a new year 
  • Boost morale 
  • Focus the team on new product launches, marketing campaigns, or change incentives 
  • Develop an "esprit de corps" a common spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm, and devotion to a cause among the members of a group.
  • Inspire a "Carpe Deim" / "Seize the Day" attitude. 
  • Unite disparate teams, and promote teamwork between divisions, even entire organizations. 
  • Challenge your team to work together effectively and creatively.



Book a rental for a laser tag set where 20 play at once and we will include a free Sharpshooter pewter trophy. 


Who will be crowned your team's "Sharpshooter"?

Elevate your team building to extraordinary heights at live-action gaming.

Order extra Sharpshooter Trophies online.

team building MVP trophy

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