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Mission: Team Death Match


How it Works

Pick any pack from the ROYALE series of packages. These are perfect for tweens, teens, and adults. 

All gamers start with 100 Health Points. Every time they get shot, they lose some HP. Exactly how much depends on what emulation their opponent has (more on that later!).

When their HP drops to 0, they are "dead" in the game.

 Inside a standard pack, you'll have two medic boxes. Place these on either end of the battlefield. That's where the gamers respawn (come back to life).


From there, you can add SUPPLY CRATES. 

 Get in-game upgrades such as Boost Juice, Med Kit, Rockets, or epic emulations like Legendary Sniper Rifle or an Epic RPG

 If you get the basic ROYALE pack, you'll have one spare box you can set up as a Supply Crate. You'll place this at the very centre, between the two medic boxes, so the teams can fight over it. 

 The EPIC pack lets you add another crate. In which case, set up each one crate close to one team and other crate close to the other team. HINT: keep the crates themselves pretty close! (check below for an example set up)

 And the LEGENDARY pack lets you have three crates on the field. Use the same set up as with the EPIC pack but add your third crate right in the middle. This is the best format, since all gamers have a crate that's easy to get to, but the team that controls two boxes usually wins. That means plenty of action!



This game should be timed. This is super easy to do. 

You can choose to use your phone timer. Or you can use the controller provided. It's easy to set up a 10 or 15 minute game in a couple steps (don't worry, you have everything included in your instructions). 

If you use the controller, the game will automatic end when the timer runs out. This means all the gamers get paused at the same time. If you choose to use the Select Mission option on the controller, it will calculate the winner after the game ends.

<<< Here is an example set up for the Team Death Match mission

(This assumes you have the EPIC pack)

Pro Tip! The change ends after the first mission. To do this, swap the medic boxes around. Have everyone start at their new base camp. 

I love the thrill

Laser Tag is a great game. The Tuesday and the U/16 tournaments were great. The equipment is great. And the battlefield is excellent. I really liked putting my team in some rough positions and I love the thrill when the enemy is firing at you and you are surrounded by them
Yoyo, Under 16s player

Death Match Mission Briefing

Here's a video briefing to show your gamers when they are ready to play Team Death Match.

Mission Briefing Script

"Right. This is it.

Enemy forces have been spotted moving into our area of operations. Your orders are: advance to contact and destroy as many enemies as possible, while minimizing friendly casualties. Substantial reserves are available from your base. 

 There are supply crates in the center of the field. Control these and you'll be able to collect better weapons, grab shields and heal during the game. Alright, move out!"


Sound like fun?

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