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Pathfinder Events Pty Ltd trading as Laser Tag in a Box

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 Unit 6, 2 Commercial Drive, Shailer Park Q 4128 Australia 
 Phone: 1800 BOOK US (1800 2665 87)
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1. Booking Procedure

Bookings can be made directly in-store in person, by phone, or via this website. When you make a booking we will register you on our bookings database as a tentative booking. Bookings for delivery must be made at least 3 weeks in advance of your event date to enable us to schedule the delivery. Once we have your booking in our system you will receive an email from us with all the details of your booking. Please, double-check we have your order correct. If the information is wrong we cannot be held liable.   

1.1 Bookings

We take bookings up to 12 months in advance. Bookings are subject to standard Terms & Conditions and stock availability. Bookings are secured when the booking fee is paid in full. We recommend booking at least 6 weeks before your event date to avoid disappointment. Call us or email us if you would like an official Tax Invoice. No bookings are final without payment and the terms and conditions agreed to (either in person or online). By placing a booking through our website you are accepting our Terms and Conditions for Hire.

2. Payment
A 50% non-refundable deposit is due on booking to lock in your reservation. Payment in full is due 10 days before your equipment is packed unless otherwise stated on your invoice/confirmation email. We cannot ship your equipment without payment in full. Payment can be made over the phone via Visa, MasterCard, or Amex (with a surcharge) or via our online shop (afterpay, credit card or PayPal). Direct deposits can be made into our account, it must be done 2 days before your payment is due so it clears in time. Please email us a remittance advice/transaction receipt to Please use your invoice number/booking number and your surname as the reference for any online transactions. If payment is going to be made by cheque we must have the cheque by your payment due date so we can bank it and clear it before shipping your equipment. These are to be adhered to unless you have authorized a different payment method with the office. A receipt will be emailed to you following payment, please double-check the information.

We offer secure payments via our online shop. 

                 3. Transfers, Refunds & Cancellations & Forfeiture of Deposit

If you transfer your booking to another date this is subject to availability. Bookings cannot be transferred or cancelled once shipped or packed. If you cancel once the equipment has been shipped no refund will be provided. If it is postponed or cancelled over 14 days before the event (or shipping date) no extra charges will be incurred (unless the package is already in transit). If your booking is postponed within 14 days of the event and before packing then a $25 processing and handling fee will apply. If you cancel within 14 days of your event date and before packing you will forfeit 50% of your booking. All transfers and cancellations of bookings must be made over the phone or in person and confirmed in writing such as via text or email. We will then confirm available dates and organise a refund or receive payment, whichever is necessary.

4. Liability Release & Assumption of Risk
Please note that there are inherent risks involved in Laser Tag activities. Laser Tag recommends reading the How to Guide for safety tips. By accepting these terms and conditions you acknowledge that you personally and voluntarily assume the risks of any harm, trauma, injury or damage that you (the hirer) may suffer to my person, others participating, or my property whether foreseen or unforeseen in connection with the activities. As you are hiring the equipment you are responsible for the conscientious use of the equipment. You are responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment.
5 Conduct
Physical contact can cause serious injury and should be avoided at all times. The supervisor should ensure that participants refrain from running through doorways or around corners to avoid the risk of collisions between the participants. Laser Tag is a high-intensity activity, the supervisor should ensure that participants take breaks and avoid dehydration. Inflatable objects are NOT to be jumped on, they are not jumping castles. Jumping on an inflatable can lead to serious injury and can destroy the inflatable object requiring the hirer to pay the full replacement cost. When not in use, the taggers and inflatable objects must be securely stored.
5.1 Equipment Damage
All of our equipment is checked and charged before dispatch. The equipment is robust but not indestructible. We include insurance with every pack rented, absolutely free! You are covered for up to $50 damage on an 8-pack and $100 on a 12-pack or larger packages rented. Most damage can be repaired. Please notify our team if you accidentally damage the equipment.

5.1.1 The Hirer acknowledges that they are responsible for the cost of all damage, loss or breakage incurred during the period of hire  
5.1.2 The Hirer agrees to make good by cash payment to Pathfinder Events Pty Ltd the cost of repair or replacement of any such damage, loss or breakage within 7 days.
5.1.3 The Hirer acknowledges that the identification and quantification of any damage, loss or breakage are at the complete discretion of Pathfinder Events Pty Ltd.
5.1.4 The Hirer acknowledges that dragging the inflatable objects across the ground or jumping on the inflatable object will damage the object and require the hirer to pay for the replacement cost.
5.1.5 Replacement costs can be found on our website to see replacement costs.

6. Shipping & Returns

6.1 Hire Pick-up/Return in Person

All item pricing for hire on the website is for an overnight hire period unless an alternative hire period has been selected. As a bonus, if you rent for Saturday you get Sunday free. Any allowance for an early pickup or late drop-off beyond this hire period is authorized at Laser Tag in a Box's grace. We reserve the right to allow extended hire periods at no extra charge where we see fit, we also reserve the right to book equipment with your knowledge to be due back at a certain time on the day of return. As a default, a weekend hire must be collected on the Friday before your event and returned by close of business on the Monday following unless directed otherwise. Please note that the person collecting the gear needs to show photo identification that lists their address, such as a current Driver's License. Saturday morning pickups are available with special arrangements, please indicate this to the Laser Tag In A Box team members so we can note this on your booking. Any hire that is not returned by the agreed time will incur extra hire charges per day of the daily hire amount for each/every item(s) not returned.

6.1.1 Late Return if the Hirer is Returning

Pack everything back in the box/boxes we supplied. Check off your order items as you re-pack against your Packing Sheet so nothing is missed. Failure to return the equipment on the scheduled date will result in a late fee of $25 per day. This daily late fee will be charged until the replacement value of the equipment is recovered. Late collections and returns will incur a fee of $1 per minute after 5 pm. Please note the Shailer Park Depot is not open on public holidays.

6.2 Courier delivery and collection

You are required to be at your delivery address, as stated in your confirmation email the day of delivery, which is two or three business days before your event. Transit of your package/packages can take up to 10 business days from dispatch. You are required to be there between 9 am and 5 pm for delivery, so you can sign for your courier delivery. We plan your delivery a few days before your event so we have a couple of backup days. Failure to be there may result in a re-delivery fee of up to $55. If you are not there to sign for your delivery then you might receive a "Sorry We Missed You" card from the courier. We will try and organize a re-delivery for the next business day. However, it might be the case that you will need to collect your gear from the local Post Office or Courier Depot. If you are not at the address for delivery and therefore do not receive your equipment we cannot offer you a refund, equally if your boxes were not delivered due to you giving us an incorrect address, or if the business was closed, on your delivery date. You are required to be at your pick-up location, as per the address on the confirmation email, on the day of pick-up which is the next business day after your event. The equipment needs to be packed into the boxes, sealed, and return labels attached before 9 am. 

TIP: Check off your order items as you re-pack against your Packing Sheet so nothing is missed. Please place the return labels over the delivery ones, so there is no confusion. We have booked our courier to be back at due back at your place between 9 am and 5 pm the first business day after your event. Please have the box ready and be ready to sign the paperwork when the driver arrives. If no one has arrived by 3 pm, call us. 

6.2.1 Late Return if shipping via our Courier

If you are not there for pick up or the equipment is not ready you will be charged a late fee of $25 per day. This daily late fee will be charged until the replacement value of the equipment is recovered. We recommend booking a business address for your collection. That way you don't have to wait around all day for the driver. Make sure you do not lose the con notes or the dispatch summary form. We include both in your box. You will need to sign these forms upon collection. Loss of these labels or the use of a manual connote may incur a fee of $20.

When we use courier service as our delivery method, you agree to bear responsibility for receipt of Products shipped to the location specified at the time of ordering. You acknowledge that a Secure Delivery Address (defined herein) is highly recommended. A Secure Delivery Address is defined as a location where an individual can physically receive Product(s). If an insecure delivery address is provided, Laser Tag in a Box does not bear liability for products left unattended. Furthermore, you acknowledge that providing anything other than a Secure Shipping Address may result in delays and additional delivery charges for which Laser Tag in a Box is not to be held liable, but you will be held liable. We will pick up the Products from the location specified at the time of checkout, on the last day of your rental period (Return Date). As we use courier service as our pick-up method, you agree to bear responsibility for having the Products ready for pick up at the specified location on the Return Date. You acknowledge that a Secure Pickup Address (defined herein) is highly recommended. A Secure Pickup Address is defined as a location where an individual can physically pass Product(s) to Laser Tag in a Box courier representative (typically Star Track Express). You acknowledge that providing anything other than a Secure Shipping Address may result in late or no returns, and you will be held liable for the late or non-returns.

7. Troubleshooting
The Standard software settings are designed for Birthday Parties, Vacation Care/ Youth Group Activities, etc. The standard settings will block access to the team and game settings, changing these settings can result in taggers not tagging each other. Laser Tag in a Box recommends using standard software settings. Included in your box is a Quick Start Guide. For those who choose the complex settings, we recommend that you fully read the user guide. If you get stuck, give us a call. Laser Tag in a box takes no responsibility for equipment failure due to user error caused by misuse. 

8. Jurisdiction 

This agreement and this website are subject to the laws of Queensland and Australia. If there is a dispute between you and Laser Tag in a Box that results in litigation then you must submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Queensland. 


9. Amendment of Terms 

We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these terms at any time. Please check these terms regularly before using our website to ensure you are aware of any changes. We will endeavour to highlight any significant or substantive changes to you where possible. If you choose to use our website then we will regard that use as conclusive evidence of your agreement and acceptance that these terms govern your and Laser Tag in a Box's rights and obligations to each other.

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