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treasure huntRelic Raiders is a popular theme. And one of the most popular games in within this theme is the perennial favourite: the "Treasure Hunt" game.

In fact, this is a new take on the old favourite.

Before the participants arrive hide several items around the playing area.

Does your child love the "Indiana Jones" movies? 

Do they love playing the "Tomb Raider" video games? 

Then a "Treasure Hunt" game is perfect.

The props can be themed to keep with the event. Ideas include:

  • a blue scarab (an Egyptian artefact prop) here's a design to print out, cut it out and colour it in, then stick it on top of a small box, click here.
  • a toy treasure chest
  • a treasure map (click here) or secret letter like the one pictured.

Rent now. Party tomorrow. Visit the lasertag shop today. Click on the "shop" button (top right).

scret letterTeams gain points by finding relics and returning them to their base however they can only search or carry relics while they are currently activated.

The team that finds the most props (or loot), wins.

The gamers can, of course, help create the playing area but should not be allowed back in the area after the relics have been hidden.

What I liked best?

The children at our centre always enjoy Laser Tag. We always have extra enrolments on the day that we have Laser Tag. [What I liked best?] Ease of ordering, pickup and delivery, and of course the immense enjoyment our children receive from Laser Tag

Alana, Amberley OSCH

In the game instructions make sure each participant understands they cannot move a relic back to their base while "de-activated".

If they are de-activated while holding a relic, they must drop it immediately.

How To Play Outdoor Treasure Hunt - Ideas

There are lots of ways to play an outdoor treasure hunt game. The main idea, with a laser tag treasure hunt, is that gamers are not to snatch a relic from another "activated" gamer on the opposition team.

This game should be run for no more than 7 minutes. 

Normally the phaser is delivered untimed but can configure them to run for a specific time with the Master Controller. 

This game works best if the gamers get no re-activations during the 7 minutes. If you are tagged - you are out! 

This is a perfect idea for a party around Easter time, you can hide Easter Eggs for an Easter Eggs hunt!


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