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  • Unlock & Re-Set the spare phaser
  • My phasers will not hit another (flat battery)
  • My phaser will not tag one another
  • Medic Box not re-activating
  • How to charge the battery

I need to Use the Spare Phaser - "Spare Device" 

If one of your devices such as a medic box, master controller or phaser fails, then you will need to use the spare phaser. When you turn it on, look at the menu, and press the red (or black) button to scroll through the options. For example, if you need a blue medic box, then scroll through to the display shows "medic box blue" and then pull the trigger to lock this choice in. Likewise, if you need to use the spare unit as a red phaser, turn the unit on with the key, then just scroll through the menus till you see "Phaser Red" and then pull the trigger till that is locked in. 

My Gaming Phaser will not hit another one! (FLAT BATTERY)

  • If your display is blank, try recharging the battery.
  • The next thing to check is IF the battery is flat. All the gaming phasers are fully charged when we deliver them to you.
  • To check if the battery charge looks at the last line of the LCD display it will show the voltage.
  • The gaming phasers should work to down till around 5.5V
  • If the gaming phasers get too low, simply connect the gaming phaser on the charger for 20 minutes.

My Gaming Phaser will not tag another one! (FRIENDLY FIRE)

  • Please note that all the phasers come pre-set so the red team cannot tag other red team phasers. The red team can only tag blue team phasers.
  • The headbands show the team colours.

My Medic Box is not Re-activating my Phaser

  • The medic boxes are designed to do re-activations on phasers of the same team colour. So the red medic box can re-activate the red team only. And the blue/green medic box can only re-activate the blue team. Turn off the medic box when its team has run out of re-activations.  

The Kids got the Keys and now the phasers are in a funny configuration

  • Call the office so we can step you through the solution.

How to Charge a Phaser
1.    Turn Phaser OFF with key.
2.    Plug the Charger in and turn it on a GREEN light will show, this means there's some power to the charger.
3.    Plugin the charger cable into the phaser the Charger Light will change to RED.
4.    During charging the red light will remain on.
5.    Once the light is TURNS GREEN the phaser is charged & ready for use.  
6.    Do not charge a unit for more than 3 hours at a time.

Battery Saving Tip
All the units come fully charged. You should get around 8 hours of gameplay from them. We suggest while you are not using a phaser, e.g. while you are eating cake, that you just switch off the phaser with the key, to save the battery. This way you get to play longer, & a battery re-charge is probably not necessary. If you do need to re-charge then re-charge in minutes so you can play for hours.

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