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9 am - 5 pm AEST

Video Demonstration

Learn how everything works from turning the kit on to playing the games in under seven minutes!


How to Set Up A Box 

 In every pack, you'll receive at least two "utility" boxes. These are set up with a couple button clicks to run the game you want. For example, here we get ready for the "Team Elimination" game by setting the boxes to work as a Medic. 

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What's In Your Box?

This video goes into detail about what to expect in your box. Of course, each package will be different. More details can be found on the shop listing below. 



How to Use a Tagger (AKA Phaser)

Not sure how to explain the taggers to the players? Easy! We have a video. You can watch this yourself or play it for the group prior to playing. 


How Tag another Player


Getting Tagged


How to Set Up a Game

This video is our quick start guide but we have a video for each game you can play with our packages (awesome, right?). 

There is a video for the organiser (what you need to know for set up) + a video for the players (what they need to know to play). 


The Anatomy of a Laser Tagger


Our YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel is chock full of videos for you to access for free. These will help you plan your party, run the games (including "game briefings" you can play to the players to explain the game), and even make party food. 

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