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Get the Teens Raving About You 

- Laser Tag for Your Youth Group -

Are you looking for a way to keep teens entertained? 

 I know it can be challenging to constantly add new attractions to your youth camp or PCYC program. So here's a package that won't blow the budget. 

 As a working Mum of two young adults, I know how quickly the youth nowadays can get bored & they are constantly looking for the next cool thing.

Add real excitement to your next program - without even leaving your location!


Laser Tag in a Box has rented to 75+ different PCYC centres across Australia; from the PCYC in Gununa in the QLD Gulf Country to PCYC Gunnedah in outback NSW. 

"Our kids loved the laser tag incursion during our winter school holiday program! The team at Laser Tag in a Box provide a great service which included ideas for running a fun and energetic day with the kids, as well as activity sheets the kids can work on while waiting their turn. 

 What is best about laser tag is that there are so many different ways to play so it can always be changed to suit the different ages and skill levels of the kids. Our kids loved playing capture the flag and a round-robin format as it brought out the best teamwork.  

The kids are already asking when we can have laser tag again. Thank you for a fabulous day!" said Courtney Craig, Inala SAC Nominated Supervisor.

Every laser tag pack comes with five game modes you can play! 

 A lot of youth groups absolutely LOVE Capture the Flag. 

Here's a bit more about that mission:

Your Game: Electronic Capture the Flag

The goal? Collect as many virtual flags for your team as possible within the time limit. Capture the Flag is a high-energy game, which requires teamwork and allows all players to participate.

How it Works: 

Each team has a Utility Box assigned to them. For this game, you'll want to set them to Flag Box.  

All players will have 100 Health at the start of the game. Every time they are tagged they'll lose some Health, until they reach zero. When they run out of Health, they are "Dead". 

Players will need to return to their Flag Box to restore their Health back to 100. 

 During the game, players battle it out to steal virtual flags from the other team's Flag Box. They need to get to the other team's base and tag the sensor on the top of their Flag Box. If they do this, their tagger will say "Flag Captured".

Now here's the tricky part! 

Players must get all the way back to their team's Flag Box and tag that box's sensor. If they manage it, their tagger will say "Flag Returned". 

And that's one point for their team.

What's great about this game? It allows for players' personalities to shine through.   Some will favour defense, fending off enemy raiders. Others will prefer to charge up the centre, rushing the other team. More still will enjoy the sneaky approach, collecting flags without the other team noticing them.

I love the thrill

Laser Tag is a great game. The Tuesday and the U/16 tournaments were great. The equipment is great. And the battlefield is excellent. I really liked putting my team in some rough positions and I love the thrill when the enemy is firing at you and you are surrounded by them
Yoyo, Under 16s player

The Latest Technology & Ride the Wave of Popularity of Video-Games

Level up your gaming experience! Video games have landed on the concept of In-Game Upgrades many years ago - but only recently were they brought into the world of Live Gaming.

That's right. Battlefield LIVE has Supply Crates.

This is an extra Ultility Box, usually set up in the middle of the field, where players can collect virtual upgrades. For example, every player starts with a Common Pistol. At a Supply Crate, if they're lucky, their tagger will collect something better like a Mini Gun or a RPG. Wow!


Here's why it is so popular

✔️  Laser Tag is a live video game that gets the youth out & having fun 

✔️ You can theme the entire day e.g. sci-fi themes, etc.

✔️ You don't just get to have fun for a few hours; the teens get to play for an entire day!

Now you know what game you're going to play. The next question to answer is:

How many players at once?


A Way to Engage Teens & the Youth, Without the High Costs

Are you looking for a way to keep teens entertained? A way to engage teens? I know it can be challenging to constantly add new attractions to your PCYC. So here's a package that won't blow the budget.

Youth camp briefing
Boys Playing Laser Tag


Other Game Modes to Play

You aren't limited to Capture the Flag! With your pack you can choose to play any of these games too:



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