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laser tag birthday parties - Easy & Fun!

A Kids Birthday Party Hire for a Laser Tag Party at Home. Laser Tag in a Box is perfect for a Birthday Party in your Backyard.

Is your kiddo's birthday coming up? Are you planning a kid's laser tag birthday party? 

With so many details to handle, the planning process can be stressful. 

How the heck do you keep a bunch of boys or girls busy for a few hours? 

We have ideas and inspiration to make the process straightforward. 

Get your kiddos (& their buddies!) raving about your kid's birthday party. 

If you are ready to simplify things with an easy and fun birthday party theme, think Laser Tag in a Box. 

You can also choose a theme for your kid's birthday party that will make the day even more special.

We ship Australia-wide. 

Forget the hassle of getting everyone to a laser tag arena, a bowling alley, or a trampoline park. Don't want to risk a busy indoor centre? Forget about the commute and the fight over a car park. And forget about dealing with people you don't know!

Instead, throw a laser tag party at home. :-)

What is Laser Tag (in a Box)?

High-Tech Hide & Seek

There are 2 teams: red vs blue! Players "tag" each other. Everyone starts with 5 Health Points (HP). When they are tagged they lose 1 HP. If they reach 0 their taggers are "deactivated". Players can get reactivated at their Medic Box.

Play Indoors or Outdoors 

You can play just about anywhere! Play in your backyard. If you have trees or a play-set you're set. Or you can play around your house. Create hiding spots with hay-bales, painted cardboard boxes, or rent our inflatables. 

It's Easy to Run the Games

The laser tag system is super easy to set up and use. It's a "turn-key" operation. Just switch it on - and you can start blasting! We also include instructions + videos in your pack.

4 Simple Steps to a Laser Tag Party!


#1. Book

Your book online or over the phone. Our friendly staff will answer any questions you might have along the way.Or book online.


#2. Deliver

We estimate delivery of the equipment a few days before your party. To ensure you have it for your Laser Tag day. Someone will also need to be at home to sign for it.


#3. Party

It's time for the kids to have some fun! Our laser tag is a "turn key" system, all you need to do is switch them on and off you go!


#4. Collect

Our courier will collect the equipment from your place the next business day after your event. Keep an eye out for the driver, they'll come between 9-5.

More Info for You

Our most popular pack!

Book an 8 pack for your kids' party! Book Saturday, get Sunday free! Go to the online shop for delivery prices. For a limited time only, this pack has free shipping for Brisbane orders.

Book Now

Download the "Plan Your Party" Booklet

Not sure where to start in planning a laser tag party? Download our free booklet with a step by step guide with everything you need to know about hiring Laser Tag. 

Get the Booklet

Watch Our Awesome Videos

We have lots of videos for Mums & Dads! Including a series on the different games you can play and explainer videos. Plus pre-recorded briefings making your job easy. 

See the Videos

Planning a Laser Tag Party? Here's How!


Kids Aged 5-7

For kids between the ages of 5 and 7, we recommend the "Party Taggers" these are a bit lighter than the Awesome Taggers.

Click the image above to see the package options!

Kids Aged 8-12

For kids between the ages of 8 to 12 years, we recommend the "Awesome Taggers". These come with a cool red dot scope. 

Click the image above to see the package options!

Kids Aged 11 & Up

For players over 11, we have a brand new option inspired by Fortnite. We recommend the "Royale Taggers". These packs let you play Battle Royale and have the option of "Supply Crates". 

Click the image above to see the package options!

2. What's the theme?

Credit: Epic Games

Theme 1: Fortnite Party

Are you planning an epic party inspired by Fortnite? This is a great theme for boys' and girls' birthday parties. We have some helpful inspiration that can help you create the best birthday ever! 

Check out our blog about how to bake a Laser Tag Cake

We recommend choosing the "Royale" Taggers for this theme. 



Theme 2: Army Party

This age-old theme is perfect for young boys and girls! 

Check out our blog about how to bake a tank cake (topped with a toy soldier). 

We've also go downloadable themed party invites

We also got Camo Paper Plate sets. 

Why not hire some camo nets for the ultimate army party! 



Theme 3: Star Wars (Sci-Fi) Party

Think Star Wars, rocket ships, astronauts, and much much more! 

This party theme is sure to be a hit! Make up a series of "ration packs" for your guests with chocolates, crackers, and bottles of water, send out our themed invites and get some sci-fi themed decor from us. 

Also, check out our blog about Chocolate Wrappers.



There are loads of different ideas for help decorate your place for a birthday party. Here are some fun ideas:
  • Choose a color scheme that matches your party theme e.g. if you are doing an Army Party then go for Camo. Or if you are throwing a Superhero party then go for bright red & blue
  • Hang Bunting. Bunting (or a string of pennant flags) is a terrific way to frame your party food table
  • Have a photo backdrop - great for Instagram photos! This doesn't have to be complicated. Back to the Army Party you could hang a camo net on the back of a door, creating the perfect backdrop! 

3. Where will they play?

Laser Tag is like "high-tech" hide & seek. Which means all the players will want somewhere they can hide! A good rule of thumb is number of players at once = minimum number of hiding spots.

Laser Tag can be played just about anywhere. An area with trees is the easiest. After all, the trees are already there! That said, there are plenty of other options that work as well. 

Can I hire inflatable barriers?

Yes! You can hire one of our Inflatables which are perfect for laser tag! Check out our shop to see the different packs. 

What other options are there?

We have had customers set up a field of hay bails. 

You can also paint some cardboard boxes up with camo patterns. 

Or rent one of our camo nets to throw over a jungle gym. 

4. When is the party?

Our rent Saturday get Sunday free offer means Laser Tag in a Box is great value. In fact, many people invite their friends over on Saturday and have their relatives over on Sunday. It is two parties for the price of one.

Enjoy all the fun of laser tag at your place. The players enjoy the laser game at their own pace. There is absolutely no rush as the batteries last and last. (They last around 16 hours, but we include a charger in your box just in case.) 

So, all you need to do is pick a weekend. Give us a call to find out availability & when your kit would be expected to arrive. Or, you can book through our online shop. It's best to book in 2-3 weeks before your event to ensure availability. 

One Mum's Story

"The website was informative and the assistance provided via online assistant was perfect. Ability to hire base laser tag package with a great option to add extras such as inflatables, army nets, the online shop is a great addition. The camouflage shirts in kids and adult sizes would be great plus military dog tags would be also great to be able to buy for each player as they were the extras I added for each player. Fantastic! Was a bit nervous about it coming to Sydney from Queensland but the courier service, instructions, packaging were all great and it made the experience so simple. Thank you!!!" Kate McMaster, Cherrybrook NSW

Book Your Party Rental Today 

This is great value for money and allows plenty of fun! Our laser tag equipment works in the dark which is awesome for night games and sleepovers! 

A home laser tag party is perfect for a birthday party in your backyard.


Brilliant!!! Best party ever! Everything was so organised and efficient. The kids (and adults) had so much fun, it was the easiest party to organise and the kids seriously didn't come near us.

Michelle from QLD

The birthday party was an absolute hit! We all had so much fun that we forgot about the cake until people started leaving!

Megan from QLD

Very professional and easy to hire. The delivery and return was simple. I was well informed all the way. The equipment was in good condition. Importantly the kids had a blast.

Murphy from NSW

Special Offer For Laser Tag Birthday Parties @ Home

Laser Tag party rental packs start from just $134. In this package

  • 4 gamers play at once (2 vs 2)
  • 2-day hire (up tp 16 hours of battery life)
  • 2 Games Modes: Team Elimination + Free for All
  • Collect from Shailer Park Depot 

You can also rent packs in sets of 8 or 12 or 16, or even more!  

Our game modes are inspired by video games, bringing the action out into the backyard rather than on the computer.

Our rental packs offer you everything the equipment need for an adventure-filled party.  Let your child's birthday be a one-of-a-kind experience with laser tag fun with friends. 

As Seen In...

as seen in ellas list

Why Choose Laser Tag in a Box?  

The laser tag sets are simple to use. The gear is all pre-configured so all you need to do is turn each unit on and start blasting! Brisbane customers can get free shipping if they hire a package over $200. Customers in the wider South East Queensland area get free shipping if you order a rental package for more than $500.

We include a Quick Start Guide + Videos.

We are an Australian-owned family-run business. We make all the taggers right here in Brisbane! You can choose to call us and book in or simply click & collect. Or if you prefer we can arrange to courier the laser tag equipment to you (We use StarTrack Express).

Our team is handpicked to deliver you the best possible experience. Our technology is tried and trusted by more than 23,500 others who have booked their laser tag birthday party with us.


Ten kids. From 6 to 61 years of age had an absolute blast!! It was mega fun on steroids. Could not have had a better couple of days except for aches and pains for older players the next day!! Even that caused a giggle!! Brilliant. Highest recommendation."


Fantastic! Was a bit nervous about it coming to Sydney from Qld but the courier service, instructions, packaging were all great and it made the experience so simple. Thank you!!!

Kate, NSW

Excellent. Everything was explained clearly on pickup and the kit was all there in the box. Easiest party yet.

Leanne, QLD



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