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How to Build a Laser Tag Arena at Your Place

Playing High-Tech Hide-and-Seek 

Laser Tag is basically high-tech hide-and-seek. So it's important that there are places to hide! 

Here's how to build a laser tag arena in your backyard or on your campus. 

The rule of thumb is one hiding spot per player. On this page, we'll list some ideas for you on what you can use to make your playing area. 


Trees are a fantastic option for Laser Tag as they are a good size to hide behind and they are already in position. If you have an area with trees, that's the ideal place to play.

The best trees are mature ones. Ones with trucks that are as wide as someone's head, or wider! 

Do you live on acreage? Or does your backyard have a clump of trees? 

Or, if you are on a school campus, is there a spot that has a copse of trees? That's ideal. Or consider a grove of bushes. 




Gaming inflatables are perfect for a backyard or school oval. These are large soft play objects ideal for creating an "instant" maze. 

We have three sets of laser tag inflatables we hire. The inflatables are easy to set up and each pack comes with an electric blower - meaning quick set up (about 5 minutes each inflatable). 



Pop-Up Hides To Rent 

[ NEW ]  Pop-Up Hides are lightweight items to help you create a maze in your garage or undercover area, or on your campus.

Please note we recommend using these hides indoors. If you do use them outdoors, please do not peg them with tent pegs. As this might tear the material.
pop up

Pop-Up Hide Instructions

2 Ways To Pack Up the Hides (Way #1)

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to pack/unpack the pop-up hides.

  • Fold sides flat
  • Step on bottom
  • Hold the top and pull top to the bottom
  • cross over the middles
  • fold the top in-between cross over and bottom



Pop-Up Hide Instructions

2 Ways To Pack Up the Hides (Way #2)

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to pack/unpack the pop-up hides.

  • Fold sides flat
  • Step on bottom
  • Holding each side of the way up, twist clockwise
  • Fold towards the bottom and twist
  • Twist again until it folds in on itself



Camo Nets

If you have a jungle gym or treehouse in your backyard, the camo nets are a fantastic option. These are 2m x 4m and can be thrown over just about anything to create an instant "fort". 

If you don't have a jungle gym or treehouse you can also use cardboard boxes, stacked on top of each other. 



More on Camo Nets 

Drape camo nets over playsets, cardboard boxes or anything else you can think of - creating an awesome camo fort. 


Other Ideas!

Our customers have also created their playing area using:

  • Haybails (pictured)
  • Barrels
  • Small outbuildings


How to Blow up the Inflatables

The inflatables are 100% portable, tough, and rain-resistant, ready for battle! We now have a strategic alliance with Coleman (makers of Esky) to provide you with the latest in inflatables. See below for a quick video on how to inflate them. 

Remember air expands when sitting out in the sun, so please don't OVER inflate the inflatables.

Our laser tag inflatables are made from heavy-duty PVC. They have tie-downs to keep them in position. 

Please note while they are inflatables, they are not jumping castles. 

So please don't jump on them!



Let Your Imagination Run Wild When Building A Battlefield In Your Backyard 

Get your instant "maze" ready.

laser tag fun

Kids will play our high tech "hide and seek" around just about anything you can hide behind.

Other Mums and Dads have transformed their backyards from mild-mannered suburbs to the deep jungles of the Amazon or the deserts of the French Foreign Legion.

Carers and Educators have transformed their regular school playgrounds into a wonderful role-playing maze.

Kids, after all, have a fantastic imagination.

Even a few cardboard boxes leftovers from the last time you moved can be transformed with a bit of paint. 

Basically, our game is high tech hide and seek. So if your kids create their own battlefield can find something. ANYTHING!

Let your imagination run wild. Pretty much anything can be used to hide behind.

Create the Playing Field - Let your Imagination run wild.


Thrilled How Easy It Was

Taylah turned 14 & I wasn't sure how girls this age would go playing laser tag... They absolutely love the concept & game. They couldn't believe how real the gaming guns were & loved the voiceovers & noises they made. It was a service of a high standard. I appreciated the notes enclosed & demonstrated how to use the gaming guns & machinery. The service was exceptional very professional, prompt reply & was very adaptable to my inquiry. I really enjoyed speaking to a person & not a machine. Communication was very important with having only a week to organise the party I was a bit nervous ordering from interstate. I was thrilled how easy it was to receive & pack goods back to Qld. There is nothing else you could improve I think you have everything covered well. Thank You :)
Kylie, Melbourne VIC

So Friendly

I'd like to say a huge "thank you!!!" Laser Tag in a Box is fantastic. Everyone loved it! All ages! We had such a good time and the kids and their friends are still raving. Not only is your before, during and after support excellent (everyone I spoke to with your company has been so friendly and helpful every step of the way), so is the product. It all ran so smoothly I cannot express my appreciation. I have to add that value for money is also excellent. With having the use of it all weekend it really is worth it. I will be in touch next year for our school fete. Thank you again

Genevieve, Little River, VIC

Really Enjoyed It

Hi there, Yes we will definitely consider Laser Tag again for the next holidays. All our kids really enjoyed it and the staff too. Cheers.
Celine MOOSH Director

Delivering Smiles All Round

Just a note to say thank you, a fantastic fun time was had by all, Rupert especially another great laser tag event for our family. A handful of intrigued passers-by enquiring where we got the gear from, who no doubt will be in contact with you directly for their own bookings. Thank you again for delivering smiles all round.
Peter C



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