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Back To School Birthday Parties

Posted on January 4, 2022

Your Opportunity For Back To School Parties


Stumped for ideas on how to kick start the new school year? 

Why not invite your kiddo's new schoolmates over for a BBQ & some fun laser tag games in the backyard!  

It is a great way to break the ice.

  • Your kiddo can make some new friends
  • Meet the other parents. 
back to school parties

In a few short days, thousands of kids head back to school for the new year.

For many students, the first year of high school is Year 7. And the last year of primary school is Year 6. It is a time of coming and going! It is time to celebrate.

And many of these students will turn 13 leaving their pre-teen status behind and becoming a teenager. Many parents organise a special birthday party to celebrate the big one + three.

To get acquainted with the new school, or to celebrate the final year together why not throw a "back to school" party. Brand new school buddies or familiar old ones will enjoy a laser tag party. 

While December and January are not as popular months for birthday parties as is September and October. There are still plenty of kids who have turned 10 or 13 during the school holidays.

Now with the back to school term start it is a great opportunity to invite some new friends and even a few old ones to a birthday party.

Back to School Party Games

Here at Laser Tag in a Box every year we see an upsurge of birthday party bookings in February.

After the expense of getting back to school, from textbooks to uniforms, then a birthday party on a budget might just be a good idea.

Booking a birthday party in your own backyard can be an economical alternative to going to a traditional laser tag arena or go-karting or a high-ropes challenge.

Most Mums and Dads collect the equipment on Friday and return it on a Monday. That way with Laser Tag you can rent for Saturday and get to play with the gear on Sunday for free.

Many families invite friends over on a Saturday and then invite relatives over on a Sunday. 

That way you can play lots of fun back to school party games.

With mini-packs parents or carers can rent a set of four or set of eight laser tag guns. And if you play in a round-robin format could have, say 8 or 16 players at the event. Because you can play two teams on and two teams off and simply rotate.

For larger groups like back to school parties for youth groups renting a larger laser tag set, like a set of 16 or even a set of 20 is a good idea. 

Whichever sized set of laser taggers you choose to hire, there will be lots of fun and games, guaranteed.

To book your back to school party, call us on PH 1800 266 587

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