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Battle Ready Right Out Of The Box

Posted on October 28, 2019

Battle Ready For Fun, Right Out of the Box

laser tag fun in the backyard A Laser Tag in a Box rental gives gamers everything they need to play in a live action laser tag battle right out of the box. Simply insert the key to turn the units on and you are ready to start blasting. 

The Laser tag phasers fire single shot infra-red burst or toggle to full-auto fire. 

With each trigger pull players enable cool light and sound effects. Gamers know when they have got their opposition with more light and sound effects. 

Each player’s display shows health points and ammo capacity. 

The Cobras have limited ammo but each with quick-auto reload replenishing supply is easy. Included in every rental pack is a "medic box" that replenishes ammo and respawns deactivated players. 

Organisers can select to engage the players in a face off in teams or get them to go solo in a free-for-all. Organisers can also adjust for the environment, flipping between indoor or outdoor mode with a zap from the Master Controller. Organisers can set the game time and also start everyone at once, pause and end all gamers simultaneously. 
  • Battle-ready out of the box
  • Cool Light and sound effects
  • Auto-reload plus ammo resupply & reactivations from the medic box
  • Health points, ammo, and team shown on the display in real-time 

Unlike other laser tag systems Laser Tag in a Box does not need a smart device to work. This is no need for a iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® or Android devices. Better still, there is no need for an internet connection.

Plus rather than the maximum number of players you can play with more than 6 players at a time. 

Ready to play right out of the box? Contact Laser Tag in a Box today. 

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