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Easy! #3 Steps To Create Home-Made “Box Steamer” Craft

Posted on September 8, 2021

Easy! #3 Steps To Create Colourful Party Streamers 

Here are 3 quick & easy steps to make your party special with some home-made "Box Streamer" craft. 

The great thing about these crepe paper streamers is that you can create them in just about any colour. I find that they have the biggest impact when you use complementary colours. For example, black & white or yellow and orange.

But if you are going for Fortnite Themed party, I'd recommend purple and blue streams, like i've made here. 



Step 1

Take a little bit of masking tape and fold it onto itself. Or if you have double-sided tape, you could use that.

Step 2

Place the tape in the centre of the end of one of the crepe paper streamers. Place the complimentary coloured streamer perpendicular to the first one. 

In other words, place the second streamer at a 90-degree angle to the first one. 

Press to stick. 

Step 3

Fold the blue streamer back on itself and score the edge. Then fold the purple streamer over. Each time folding the crepe paper onto itself and score the edge to make a clean fold. Repeat again and again to the length of streamer you want.

Party Colours! 

You can select the crepe paper colours to match your party theme. 

Try and stick to only 2 to 4 colours. 


Summing Up

Quick & Easy Box streamers made with crepe paper. It is a fun and unique way to add some colour to your birthday party decor.  

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