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Gaming Party: Ready, Aim... Fun!

Posted on March 16, 2022

Player Centred Entertainment 

Throw a Live-Action Gaming Party at Home!

Local Mum, Nicole Lander, has created a kids' party package that arrives at your doorstep in a box. It's a "live-action gaming party!" 

Laser Tag in a Box offers a step-by-step guide to organising a kid’s party at home; it also includes the hire of all the equipment needed.

This service is the first of its kind in Australia. And this live-action gaming party might even get the kids away from their screens for a few hours! 

Previously gamers needed to travel to a Laser Tag arena or a Laser Skirmish forest to play.

Nicole believes the package is perfect for regional Mums and Dads along with city-siders looking for an affordable yet fun way to entertain their kids.

Laser Tag is high tech hide and seek.

ready aim fun

Fun Laser Games At Home: The Ultimate Live Gaming Party 

Think of this as the ultimate live-action gaming party! The toy phasers emit infrared, just like a TV remote and the equipment has some cool sound and light effects.

Getting out of the house is a great way to keep the kids entertained and reduce parental stress.

Team games like Capture the Flag can now be played in the backyard.

“Parents receive a personalised party package, with laser tag equipment and a party-in-progress banner,” said Nicole.

“Laser Tag games are fun. They are just like a live video game," said Nicole.

"Just last weekend, I had a Mum thank me for renting her the phasers because it is the only activity that will get her son off the computer and out into the yard, moving his body, and having fun," Nicole said.

Aimed at both boys and girls the party kit comes complete with guidelines on set-up and play.

The most popular pack is the "Awesome Party in a Box" - you get 10 phasers (5 on the red team and 5 on the blue) 10 bandanas, a banner, and a complete ‘how-to’ booklet.

“We also have a free video to show you how to set up and how to play the games,” said Ms Lander.

“Laser Tag in a Box enables Parents and Carers to run the party to their own schedule, the hire is for the entire weekend so Mums and Dads can start the party at a time that suits them,” she said.

“Better still since the box is delivered to the customer, there is no need to fight through traffic and no need to battle over a car park,” she said.

While customers can order all their party hire gear through Laser Tag in a Box, Nicole says they may also choose to get extra items from their local novelty shop.

“The cool thing about Laser Tag in a Box is that you can theme your party to suit. You can select from relic raiders or sci-fi or army theme,” she said.

“This gives the customer lots of flexibility over the theme of the party and its budget,” she said.

“The idea is to offer Mums and Dads a simple way to organise a fantastic party.”

Check out the prices for a Laser Tag in a Box hire phasers for a weekend.


About Laser-Tag-in-a-Box

Laser-Tag-in-a-Box is a division of Battlefield Sports, the world leader in the development and production of infrared phasers for combat entertainment. Battlefield Sports™ makes patent‐pending SATR® phasers, gaming inflatables, and writes unique battle missions. With millions of games played in more than 50 countries, it is headquartered in Australia and has agencies in the UK, the Netherlands, Chile and in the USA. It has won numerous awards for excellence, including being named Exporter of the Year (Art/Entertainment) in Qld. With more than a decade of experience, the group is the pacesetter in the development of live gaming systems. Laser-Tag-in-a-Box hires gaming equipment to birthday parties, vacation care programs and summer camps.


Nicole Lander, Founder, Laser-Tag-in-a-Box



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