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Magic Tag - Wizards & Witches Assemble!


Get ready for a world-first magic game. 

Channel your magical powers and experience a super fun fantasy game. Experience being a magic apprentice for a day with Magic Tag!

It's the red team versus the blue team.

Magic Tag is a fun live-action game played with e-wands. Each player has an e-wand. With a swish & flick a player tags another. Each time a player is tagged their shield points reduce by one. When they have zero points left they need to return to their magic chest to replenish their magic. Once reactivated they can return to the game for a little bit of "pay-back!" :-)


Play with eWands - they are lightweight and super fun. Kids need to swing the wand to cast a spell - just like real wizards. 

Rent our "Magic Party Pack" 


Are you ready to become a master spellcaster?

* Super light & sound effects 

* Play in a team, or as a free-for-all 

* Play Indoors or Outdoors

the young at heart

Young At Heart  

* The eWands are super light! 

* So the young, and the young-at-heart can enjoy this magical experience

magic tag outside

Play Outside in the Sunlight 

* Think: "Swish & Flick!" 

* Move the eWand to activate it 

* Tag your opponents using harmless infrared

magic tag inside

Play Inside 

* Fun light and sound effects

* Play indoors 



integrated sensors
long lasting batteries
red team vs blue team
magical team play

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