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Setting Up a Box


What are Utility Boxes?

These boxes are used to run the games. They are easy to set up. Here is a video going through the steps but they will also speak to you when you, stepping you through the options. 

Here is an example set up. Simply follow the same steps, but select a different setting. Such as:

Team Elimination - Choose "Medic Box"

Capture the Flag - Choose "Flag Box"

Capture & Hold - Choose "Medic Box" (2x) + "Game Box" (1x)

Battle Royale - Choose "Battle Royale" 

Heist - Choose  "Vault" (2x) + "Money Drop" (1x)


Different Types of Utility Boxes

Medium Utility Box

This utility box comes in our "Bundle" packs or can be added as an extra via our shop. It is used to play the game "Capture & Hold" or as a "Supply Crate". 


Small Utility Box

This utility box comes in our Royale Tagger and (some) Awesome Tagger sets. It is used in lots of games as a Medic or as a Flag. 


Party Tagger Utility Box

This utility box is paired with our "Party Tagger" sets. All you need to do with this one is switch it on.               


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