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Laser Tag Tech Support

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Problem: The taggers aren't tagging each other!

Why? The tagger might be flat or turned OFF.

Solution: Check the screen, if this is blank this is your issue. Trying turning in ON, if the screen is still blank, plug the tagger into the charger. Make sure it is OFF for charging.

Problem: The taggers aren't tagging each other!

Why? The taggers might be set to the same team.

Solution: All taggers go out set to a team, but the controller lets you change this. Check the screen, above image has where you want to look circled. 

Red Taggers should either have "A" or "R". Blue Taggers should have "B". An "X" means it doesn't have a team. 

Use your controller, "Set Team" function, to change the teams. Make sure all other taggers are turned OFF so you don't accidentally set them too!

Problem: The medic box isn't working!

Why? The medic box will only reactivate players on the same team. I.e. blue for blue team. 

Check to see the tagger is set to the correct team (see left). 

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