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8 Hobbies Perfect For Kids

Posted on March 28, 2018

8 Hobbies That Are Perfect For Kids 

Guest Blogger: Julia Hammond

Video games, Netflix and other tech seem to be the main hobbies kids pick up these days. They’re certainly fun but are they the best choices for your child’s development?

Here’s 8 other hobbies they can give a go which will benefit their fitness, social skills and mind.

1- Cooking

The thought of letting a kid in the kitchen can be nerve-wracking but don’t let it put you off. Cooking is a great supervised hobby for kids to enjoy.

2- Gardening

Not many kids, let alone adults, know how fruits and veggies grow these days. Pineapples come from a tree? Peanuts are under the ground? While your home garden is too small for these adventurous plants there’s plenty to be gained from taking up gardening with your kids.

3- Circus

Gymnastics is a popular sport but it can become an expensive hobby if your kids aren’t taking it pro. One-off circus classes are a more affordable way to give them the opportunity to learn acrobatic skills.

4- Laser Tag (that's us!) 

For a fitness hobby they can practice in their own backyard try out a round of laser tag. Save yourself the hassle of buying a whole expensive kit by renting one instead. Nicole Lander from Laser Tag In A Box says it’s the best incidental exercise for kids:

“A fun hobby idea for kids is outdoor laser tag. Instead of hitting a boring treadmill, kids can run around and play high tech 'hide and seek' and get exercise without really even thinking about it. With a laser tag rental kids can run around the backyard, ducking and weaving in a modern game of tag.”

5- Music

Delon is a co-founder of Tutors Field Australia where you can book tutors and classes in everything from maths to piano and languages. He says many parents are taking up the option of music classes for their kids.

6- Horse Riding

Horse riding and vaulting are a great option for adventurous or animal loving kids. Picking up a hobby that involves animals is going to be great for your child’s social skills and developing compassion.

7- Collections

Stamps, coins, even postcards - if you notice your child has a penchant for a particular item consider helping them start a collection.

8- Origami

Practising this ancient Japanese art is a perfect opportunity to expand your child’s cultural horizons while also giving them a fun hobby.


To read Julia's full blog from MyDeal, click here. 



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