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A Fun Activity for the Holidays

Posted on October 10, 2019

A Fun Activity for the School Holidays

Laser tag is often hired by Resort and Caravan Park Managers, School Camps, or Transportable Ride Operators for a cost-effective fun activity for the holidays. Or simply rent a laser tag set to have some school holiday fun in the backyard. 

Laser Tag in a Box offers laser tag equipment rentals all over Australia. Laser Tag in a Box is powered by Battlefield Sports’ SATR technology.

Any group that caters to activity programs for children would benefit from renting "Laser Tag in a Box."

Because the organisation is renting the equipment local leaders become the referees.

Laser tag is a lot of fun for everyone involved and is easy to operate and is suitable for players school-aged and up (i.e. from 5 years+).

Laser Tag in a Box is a very cost-effective FUN activity. This is because the same set of phasers can be used many times during a day’s or weekend's rental.

Case Study: Great for Different Age Groups at Vacation Care

For example, a Summer Camp provider with 100 children can break up into 3 sessions.

  • A morning session for children 5 years-8 years.
  • A lunchtime session for children 9 years -11 years and
  • An afternoon session for 12 years -15 years.
  • Even an evening session for the adults!

Each session might have 30 to 35 students.

The operators would rent one 10 pack of laser tag phasers and each child would take turns and play a 5 or 10 minute round. 

When they've played their game they run to the back of the line and queue up again.

Each pack of 10 phasers also comes with two medic boxes (one for each team), a spare, and a master controller. The Master Controller is a portable device with controls the games, it can start everyone, pause set the game time etc.

To cope with 20 students at once simply requires the hiring of two boxes containing 20 phasers plus the accessories.  

By dividing the hire costs between all the students, the cost per student is very competitive compared with other activities.  

More, since Laser Tag in a Box is delivered to your venue organisers do not need to worry about booking a bus for the group or battling through traffic to get out to a laser tag venue. This means less stress for the organiser.


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