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Great Ideas for an End of Season Party

Posted on March 30, 2022

Great Ideas For an End of Season Sports Team Party

If you are a football team manager (or netball team, or softball team, or soccer team, etc -- you get the idea!)... Then one of your many jobs will likely be responsible for organizing the end of season party.

As a busy Mum or Dad who volunteers as a team manager or footy coach then you won't have much time but with a little forward planning you can create an end of season party.

With a little planning, your team's end of season party can be one to remember!

red vs blue

Where to Begin?

Now is a good time to start thinking about how to throw an end of season team party. An end of season team party is a terrific way to celebrate the team's achievements during the season.

A sports party gives the kids, managers, parents, and coaches a chance to savour another season done-and-dusted.  

Across Australia, it's the volunteers who make the season a success. 

Laser Tag rental is perfect because it works to your timetable.

You can play in your backyard, or a sports oval or hall - just blow up some inflatables. The equipment works indoors or outdoors. 


Keeping the kids entertained and having fun will end the season on a high. By renting a laser tag set you can play in a round-robin format so everyone gets a go. Organising a party that will cater to a big group without breaking the budget is just the ticket with outdoor laser tag played at a local park. 

The Brisbane City Council has a nifty map search facility to find a park, check it out here.  

Tracking who is coming can be done online. You can set up a private Facebook event and invite everyone online so you can track who has said they are coming along.

Idea #1: Set a Date For Your End-of-Season Break-Up (& Stick to it!!) 

It is challenging to set a date for your end-of-season break-up party at the start of the season because your team might make the finals and there might be some calendar changes due to game byes or weather.

However, if you are in charge of organizing the end of season party then select a couple of possible dates and pencil them in. 

Every time you change the date your RSVP rate will drop. 

Book the entertainment - such as a laser tag rental - as soon as you and your teammates have agreed on a date.


Idea #2: Include Some Fun & Games In Your Sports Team Celebration

There are lots of possibilities for party ideas for hosting your end-of-season junior rugby or soccer parties. 

When a league season concludes, one of the most popular ideas is to rent some laser tag equipment and have your team party in one of the team's backyards. 

Celebrate the end of the season with an active laser tag party. With this sort of end of season party, everyone can get involved with a little healthy competition. 

Games can include parents versus kids. Because you get the gear all weekend you can run lots of games in a round-robin format.


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stick to the budget, play in a park

Idea #3: Agree To A Budget

It's easy to blow the budget. So it is important to set up some realistic expectations at the start of the season. 

If you throw the party in a local party or someone's backyard then you won't have to pay for an expensive entertainment venue. 

With prices seeming like they are going up every week, you don't want to be the one stuck to paying for any budget blow-out. 

It's a great idea to agree on a $2 or $5 or whatever, contribution each week. If you collect it throughout the season then the end of season party won't be such a headache. 

Easy, Easy, Easy

We had a great time with Laser Tag in a Box at our Bulls Presentation.
It was easy to set up, easy to order, and so easy to use.
Thank you so much. We will definitely use it again in the future.

Michelle Hamlyn, Bracken Ridge Bulls Netball Club

Idea #4: Food & Drink Ideas

No end of season party is complete without party food and drinks, and, of course, cake. 

Consider theming the food to match with your footy party.

Nowadays you might also want to consider individually packaged nibblies. 

Idea #5: Rewards & Recognition Ideas 

Many end-of-season parties can also benefit from some complimentary activities as well as active entertainment. 

This way the end of season party can be fun and creative. 

Good ideas include: 

  • Rewards & Recognition: Recognize the coach for volunteering his or her time, remember to ask each child to sign the THANK YOU card for the Coach. Also, recognize each player e.g. most improved player.
  • Certificates: If you are hosting an individual team's end of season break up, rather than the whole club break-up, then you might not have the budget for formal trophies. However, a simple certificate created on your home computer is a great way to make the kids feel special. 
  • Show-Reel: With free online video creation software you can create a fun video that highlights the special moments from this football season. Sting together a series of still images synced to some royalty-free music & voila! 

Summing Up: Ideas For Sports Parties

Across Australia, there is an army of volunteers who make the season a success. Everyone is so busy nowadays that you just don't need the stress of trying to throw the event together at the last minute.

Following these five end-of-season party ideas will help. 

Renting a set of laser taggers and organizing an end of season celebration in your backyard (or local park) is a great way to end the season on a high. 


Planning a party? Get this Party Cheat Sheet & they'll be talking about you & your event for weeks! 


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